? In the fight to be the winners of the space race, the Soviet Union and the United States launched hundreds of ships with animals inside. Many of these astronaut animals became great celebrities, but others died due to mission failures or the fact they were never supposed to return. Discover in this AnimalWised video some of the animals that traveled to space. Do you think their lives were worth risking? ? RELATED VIDEOS ? The TRUE STORY of Laika, the ASTRONAUT DOG ? ? ? https://youtu.be/YqJ2DcQJcMw 5 CATS that made HISTORY ? https://youtu.be/xet-ekQRQ8E On AnimalWised you’ll discover a high quality channel that’s exclusively devoted to the Animal Kingdom. You’ll find all sorts of content: from training, diet or beauty and everything that can be useful for you as a pet owner or animal lover. Want to become AnimalWised? Take a look and have fun with us! AnimalWised Web – https://www.animalwised.com/ Source

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