2 Million Dollar Dog – Most Expensive Dog In The World

2 Million Dollar Dog – Most Expensive Dog In The World

It has been reported that some dogs have been sold for 1,5 up to 2 million US dollars in China. There have been dogs that were sold for 1 million dollars but 2 million dollar dog is the most expensive dog in the world.

Oh my god, right? What breed is this dog and what makes it so expensive?

What is the most expensive dog in the world?

What is the most expensive dog in the world? The Chinese Tibetan Mastiff, that was sold for 2 million dollars is considered as the Most Expensive Dog In the World. For example, one high-rolling Chinese businessman bought two Tibetan Mastiffs at a luxury pet fair paying $1.9 million for only one pup. Probably the most expensive case of puppy love ever.

The Chinese Tibetan Mastiff is said to possess real Lion’s blood

The Chinese Tibetan Mastiff is the larger cousin to the ancient Tibetan Mastiff. This breed is thought to be wolf killers and ferocious defenders of people’s territory. The primitive dog breed Tibetian Mastiff is originating with the nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, Mongolia and Nepal. Known as Drog-Khyi in Tibetan which means “nomad dog” the dog breed is known for its loyalty. Tibetian Mastiff has been used as nomad dog for thousands of years to use as a guardian of herds, flocks, to protect sheep from wolves, leopards, bears, large mustelids, and tigers, tents, villages, monasteries, and palaces.

They are not only bred to look like a Lion but they are also said to possess real Lion’s blood. Is it any truth?

The Legend of Tibetan Mastiffs

The legend is that Tibetan Mastiffs are descended from Himalayan Lions who were mated with black bears from that comes their ferocity. When Genghis Khan conquered Western Europe, his fierce troops included 50,000 soldiers that were all Tibetan Mastiffs. They would feed on the bodies of enemies, trudge on invincibly, and performed exploits that shocked and amazed the Khan. In 1992 on a cold winter night, a Tibetan Mastiff named Gold Panther was sleeping next to his master’s tent when five hungry wolves attacked and broke into the tenth. When his master arrived Gold Panther was wounded and bleeding all over. Next to him were found five dead wolves. That’s how loyal Tibetan Mastiffs are.

Dangerous Dogs or Just Lovely Household Pets?

The enormous dogs bred in Western and Chinese kennels sometimes weigh about 115 kg / 254 lb while the original breed from its native range usually weighed up to 90 kg / 200 lb. Will this 250 pounds weighing breed be only used as a guardian or is suitable for the domestic environment too? What makes this dog the most expensive dog in the world?

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The truth about Chinese Tibetan Mastiff is explained while Animal Watch’s Anneka visits a few huge Tibetan Mastiffs in the UK.


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