2 Year German Shepherd Breeding Female from Czech Republic 2 year old female german shepherd for sale

2 Year German Shepherd Breeding Female from Czech Republic

2 Year German Shepherd Breeding Female from Czech Republic

Rebecca Aykmar 2 years old breeding female for sale

  • DOB 12 Oct 2017

  • hips normal HD A (0/0)

  • elbows normal ED 0/0

  • degenerative myelopathy tested genetically normal = N/N (DM free)

  • genetic profile DNA

  • körung 5VQ1/P in 1st breeding class

  • title ZVV1, BH-VT, IGP 1 (IPO 1)

Rebecca won award for the TOP10 best breeding females in the Czech Republic in 17th November 2019 as the youngest of all participating as a freshly 2 years old female.

She comes from famous czech kennel Aykmar. And she has in 2nd generation the most successful relative male (Emma Aykmar‘s brother) Extreme Orex Aykmar – 2nd place WM WUSV 2017 (Tilburg) and 3rd place WM WUSV 2015 (Lahti). 2 year old female german shepherd for sale. Rebecca is still two years old female, dark sable color, with dark eyes, beautiful head and strong bones. Her height is 59 centimetres, weight about 30 kilogrames. She has all teeth. Rebecca is sport’s female of working type. She is very qualite female. She is very contact to human. She is willing to work with handler in all 3 disciplines (tracking, obedience, defense). Big prey ability, with great drive, on the defense with quality bite. She loves children and her owners. She loves all her family members. She is calm at home and does not make a mess. For the other dogs she is nonconflict. She likes to travel by car, no problem with environment, places, rooms, … She is used to live outside in kennel, or inside in a flat. Rebecca has titles BH-VT, IGP 1 and ZVV1. She gave birth 7 pups totally alone this year. She has an excellent maternal instinct, she took great care of the puppies. She breast-fed her breast milk for a very long time. She is suitable for a breeding program. We care to she will have excellent living conditions in new home and nice owner. She likes contact with the handler. She is very willing to work with handler. Rebecca has clear head. She can be used for national dog sport or other exams, loves to do anything for her owner.

The shipping price is about 2.000 USD according to the destination international airport in USA. You can contact the transport company Pet Air (Czech Republic) petair@jinopo.cz



David Polzer (Czech Republic) – please contact me by email PolzerD@seznam.cz or facebook message https://www.facebook.com/Polzer.David


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