2 Year Goran v. Bierstadter Hof Son

2 year Goran v. Bierstadter Hof Son

2 year Goran v. Bierstadter Hof Son. Magnuum is 2 years old adult male. He is a dog of standard size with very good pigmentation and dark head. This dog was winner in junior class by SV judge. Official hips and elbows “a normal” from SV (Germany) and he passed title SVV1 (tracking, obedience, protection like IPO) . His best feature is his outstanding temperament. He is healthy social dog who is also used to other dogs. Magnuum is extremely interested in aport, balls, bitework but also in contact with his handler. Another plus is that he is really easy to work with in all ways. His bitework is excellent without any nervousness or insecurity so this dog is very confident with strong biting on sleeve. He has no problem with interior. His father is german dog VA Goran v. Bierstadter hof – IPO3, KKl. passed, HD+ED a normal. His mother is 2x VA Soffie z Lintichu – SVV2, KKl. passed, HD+ED a normal. Magnuum is suitable for next shows and breeding. For more information ( photos and videos ) please feel free to contact me: akia.nawa@gmail.com

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