Brave Dog is Saving Koalas from Australia Wildfires

About 2.5 million acres have been affected by the bushfires across Australia’s east coast in recent weeks. At least four people have died and hundreds of homes destroyed but a brave Dog is saving Koalas from Australia wildfires.

Record-breaking temperatures fuel bushfires across the country

Temperatures top 40C in Victoria’s north as up to 11 properties hit by fire in South Australia, while NSW and Tasmania face difficult conditions.

Australia’s bushfire crisis is threatened to widen because of heat and winds, with three states warned to expect their worst conditions of the season so far.

On Wednesday soaring temperatures in South Australia prompted “catastrophic” alerts – the highest danger rating.

Parts of Victoria have been issued the same warning for Thursday. The threat in Tasmania is also increasing.

Koalas From Wildfires in Australia Are Being Saved By A Dog Named Bear

In this catastrophic crisis, thousands of koalas are left dead by wildfires that have scorched Australia. Luckily a rescue dog Bear is there looking for survivors.

USA Today, Ryan W. Miller wrote – An “obsessive” rescue dog with “tireless energy,” Bear the dog has been aiding wildlife rescuers as they search for koalas threatened by the bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland, a wildlife rescuer group says.

Dubbed the “koala detection dog” by International Fund for Animal Welfare, Bear has been searching for koalas and other small animals that may have survived the flames.

According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species koalas are a “vulnerable” species. International Fund for Animal Welfare says that the marsupials are also slow moving and live in eucalyptus trees that can ignite quickly, which makes them all the more vulnerable to wildfires. Many may have survived the flames but are stranded in scorched areas with no access to food or water, the group says.

Bear’s work has been a major assistance.

He and his handler helped in rescue efforts Friday in Ngunya Jargoon, an Indigenous Protected Area that has seen two fires in the past month, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

The group told that about 20 to 40 koalas lived in the almost 2,500 acre area of woodlands before the fires. At least two have already been saved, and Bear’s tracking work has indicated there are more still alive.

“Thanks to Bear’s work, we know that there are live koalas in the area and we will continue to search to rescue any koalas who need our help,” said Josey Sharrad of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

To protect Bear as he does his work, the herding dog mix wears protective red socks. Given his high energy, International Fund for Animal Welfare said he’s a better detection dog than a pet.

According to Reuters, about 2.5 million acres have been affected by the bushfires across Australia’s east coast in recent weeks. At least four people have died and hundreds of homes destroyed.


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Brave Dog is Saving Koalas from Australia Wildfires

Brave Dog is Saving Koalas from Australia Wildfires

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