Movie A Dogs Way Home Family Movie Pit Bull

A Dog’s Way Home Movie 2019 – Gripping Adventure of Pit Bull

A Dog Is A Man’s Best Friend

“It’s not the little things that matter, it’s the tiny things,” ― Bella, A Dog’s Way Home Movie. A pretty good way to describe a relationship between a dog and its owner. A simple play and a show of affection is enough for a dog to be a forever friend of a man. I guess it’s true what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend. If you’re looking for a heartwarming movie to watch on a Friday night, A Dog’s Way Home, which is based on a bestselling novel, will definitely fall into this category. This 2019 family adventure film chronicles an adventure of Bella, a pit bull mix who travels over 400 miles to find her owner. Movie A Dogs Way Home Family Movie Pit Bull

The Idyllic Life of Bella

The story starts in Denver, Colorado with Lucas and his girlfriend Olivia in a construction site feeding kittens and a mother cat. Surprisingly they find a puppy running on Lucas lap. As the puppy is so adorable Lucas names her Bella and brings her home to live with him and his Army veteran mom. For a while, Bella lives an extremely happy life with Lucas and his mom. Bella even comforts the veterans where Lucas works at the VA hospital. Bella has a special place in a lot of peoples hearts, but the connection with Lucas is certainly unbreakable. For Bella, they always had these adorable games like “don’t chew a shoe” or Bellas favourite “do you want a tiny piece of cheese.”

The Beginning of an Adventurous Journey

Denver, where Bella lives, has outlawed pit bulls as a dangerous breed. This law will be used as an act of revenge by a man, Gunter, who wants to demolish the house where Lucas fed kittens and found Bella. Bella is declared as a pit bull. Animal control deems Bella dangerous and threatens euthanasia. In order to save Bella, Lucas teaches her a game “Go Home” in which she races back to their house. Lucas is forced to send Bella to live temporarily with Olivia’s aunt and uncle in Farmington, New Mexico. Bella is very sad and misses Lucas so much and believes she must play “Go Home” to get back to his happy life with family in Denver. Bella begins her long and adventurous 400-mile journey home. On her way home, Bella faces a lot of things she hasn’t seen and experienced before. She encounters a pack of coyotes, befriends a cougar cub, helps rescue a man buried in an avalanche and fills a gap of being the only and last friend of a homeless man. Bella learns that all her new friends have their own home and she must keep moving to get back to hers. The greatest adventure is the one that guides you home.

A Movie for the Strong

All though, A Dog’s Way Home is categorised as a family movie, I don’t know if it is suitable for very sensitive young kids. These gripping adventures can make quite an emotional and sympathizing reaction. Whether it’s a heartwarming or a heartbreaking movie, let this be everyone’s own decision to make. It definitely has both sides in it. Enjoy and have fun!
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