AKC Rough Collie Lassie Puppies

AKC Rough Collie Lassie Puppies. We have a new litter of 4 Rough Collie puppies. There are 2 blue merle males and two tri-color’s which are 1 male and 1 female. They have excellent pedigree’s with a combined history of over 50+ world champions. Some famous lines in these pedigree’s include Glasogowhill, Afterhours, Gambit, Edenrock. These are some of the top Collie Show breeders in the world! Both sets of grandparents have been tested and the father has been tested for CEA/CH, Red-cone/2 and MDR-1 all are normal/clear for CEA/CH and Red-Cone Dysplasia Type-2, except the maternal grandsire who results are carrier and the paternal sire is carrier for Mdr-1. These results mean that the puppies will be NORMAL and/or non-carriers of CEA/CH and redo-cone type 2, but the MSR-1 status remains unknown until tested after 1 year. Furthermore, as a rule of thumb never give a Collie or any other herding class dog Ivermectin as a de-worming treatment no matter what the mdr-1 results are. We use and recommend an alternative drug called Panacur as a parasite treatment instead. These Collies are the rough collie type (Lassie). They are very easy to housebreak and display amazing respond to verbal commands. Collies are very lovable and have wonderful personalities and a calm confident demeanor. They love to be with their owners more than other dogs. Everyone knows that Collies make wonderful loyal pets. Contrary to popular believe Collies are not high maintenance and are great herding/working/guard dogs. The price includes AKC full registration, up to date vaccines, treatments and health records. Shipping by ground and/or air is available at owners expense. Pick-ups at our location is advisable and welcomed. Please do not hesitate to call/text/email us if you should have any further questions and/or would like to place a deposit on one of these adorable puppies. We accept deposits and payments by pay pal/cash/personnel checks. Thank you. Mark August 903.440.1067

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