Man Fights Alligator

Alligator Attacked Golden Retriever Saved by 75 Year Old Man

A Dog, an Alligator and a 75 years old Man from Florida that Saves Dog from Alligator Attack

Golden Retriever Osi was saved by his owners father Buddy Ackerman from an alligator attack.

Osi was out for a walk with Buddy Ackerman whose daughters dog the Golden Retriever Osi is when an alligator came attacking near their Palm Harbor condominium from a retention pond.

When the 8-foot-long gator rose out of a retention pond in the dark and latched onto the dog, Buddy Ackerman succeeded with kicking the alligator in the snout to get him let go of the dog and save the dog.

This all happened in early morning half past five when it was still dark outside. Osi was on a long leash so first was heard the dog whimpering and only then he saw that an alligator was latched onto the dog. Buddy Ackerman tried fist save his daughters Golden Retriever by pulling on the leash and when he did not succeed he finally kicked the alligator. Gator let the dog go and the Golden Retriever Osi was saved.

Buddy Ackerman, itself 75 years old, didn’t have time to think, instead he started to fight bravely with the alligator. Himself he said that he was mostly worried about his daughter and how his daughter would feel. And he believes they had a good luck to save the dog from the alligator. It indeed was a very lucky incident as dog did not suffer any injuries.

The photo with Osi sitting next to the Alligator warning sign is taken by Buddy Ackerman after the incident.

Alligator Attacked Dog Golden Retriever
Alligator Attacked Dog Golden Retriever
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