Baby Rhino Is Best Friends With Dog And Lamb | Oddest Animal Friendship | Love Nature

This baby rhino's best friends are a dog and a sheep at the sanctuary! Friendships come in all forms in the animal kingdom, but this is one for the books. Meet Esme, a southern white rhino; David, her puppy companion; and Milly, a young Pedi lamb with a herding instinct. Baby rhino Esme was left to fend for herself after her mother was unable to produce milk, now Esme’s sense of home lives in her friendships. Love Nature supports Black Lives Matter and you can too! For the entire month of June, we’ll be donating 5% of our YouTube AdSense revenue to the Black Lives Matter Movement. We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, communities, audiences. You are seen. You are heard. And we are with you. Here is where you can make a donation: To learn more about the movement: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Make sure to also subscribe to our other socials: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #animalfriends #amazinganimalfriends #cuteanimals Source

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