Black German Shepherd for Sale in Czech

Black German Shepherd for Sale in Czech

Young Black German Shepherd for Sale in Czech.

—  We believe we can connect the right owner with the right dog  —

First let us introduce ourselves a bit: We are breeders of German Shepherd and Malinois Belgian Shepherd, our kennel name´s is Marsyas Bohemian, we have about two litters a year and dog training is our passion.

We have many years of experience in this wonderful dog-world and we keep educating ourselves because it never ends. (I also love English, so don´t worry to contact me.)

We understand from our experience that everyone is looking for something specific for himself, our vision of a perfect dog can be completely different from your vision, this is why we are trying to be as honest as possible about the dog we offer.

However, you are not buying a car – you are buying a living creature. If you want to buy a flawless machine, please do NOT contact us.

Here are three important things you must know before you buy a dog from us and it won´t be a beautiful fairy tale:

  1. the dog has to get used to the new owner and new home – I can´t tell you how much time this will take, I can´t tell you how the dog is going to react in the very first moment after a long flight, it can take some time before he gets used to his new home and new home´s rules, until then he may or may not act like an i–ot
  2. even a trained dog needs more training and practising – he needs to get used to your style and you need to get used to him and not giving up the first day, you just brought a new baby home and you guys have to take time to learn how to get along
  3. even if we do our best, some s–t can happen – we cannot influence everything, we are no magician and we don´t do miracles – we can only promise you we will always do our best and best of the best because that is the only way that makes us happy and that makes sense to us

Well that was for start. We would love to stay it touch and see how you two are doing – we have people sending us photos of the dogs even after five and more years and WE LOVE IT AND THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.

We also offer the possibility of training – we can train the dog for official titles like BH, IGP1-3 or just training for daily life, we can also teach him tricks so that you can enjoy your time active together.

Are you looking for another dog or for just someone that can help you to get the right puppy/older dog? Don´t hesitate to contact us, we will see what we can do for you.

Ok, if you are still reading and you haven´t run away yet, here is one of the dogs we have available right now…

Almost 2 years old male male with amazing character

Meny is a male from pure working line, after excellent parents

Age: almost 2 Years (born 01 November 2018)

Training: trained in all three phases – tracking, obedience and protection work, he can have his BH this year

Health: official xrays with official result HD/ 0/0, ED 2/1 – ater this result his elbow was operated to make sure it will not cause trouble, all teeth, no health problem we would know about, he was never ill, he gets preventive and regular treatment against worms, fleas and ticks

recommended for: taking titles, but most of all as a life-time partner

mother Dana IPO1, BH, HD/ED normal, DNA check

father Willis-Bruce IPO3, BH, Kkl Germany, HD/ED 0/0, DNA check

Both her parents lead a great bloodline of many excellent dogs, for example Pike del Lupo Nero, Frankie Anrebri, Grim z Pohranicni straze, Olex de Valsory, Cid v. Schiffslache and many others: if you don´t know the bloodline well, basically said, there are many excellent working dogs and every dog in her pedigree had to have at least a title, show and hips (elbows) and DNA plus teeth check in order to have puppies. We will also make the export pedigree so that you are able to register her in your country.


about him: Meny (he is named after the mammoth from Ice Age) is a young male with very active character, he has excellent ball and food drive, he can take titles, and he will make excellent new family member, he is ok with children, he is ok with puppies, he loves to be around his family, he is used to travel. He loves to work and he can work every day, he is no chiwawa! So he appreciates any action, but important for him is that he can be with you no matter what you do. He is a happy male with very good size and very nice bone structure, he is very handsome and powerfull. He is used to be inside a lot, he loves to be around when you are cooking and especially if you are dropping something. He will also make a great protection dog. He has very strong protection work, full and frim grips, he is really a joy to work with.

VIDEOS of him:

If you would like to ask about anything, here is where you can reach us:

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