Black German Shepherd Puppies in Ohio

Black German Shepherd Puppies in Ohio

Black German Shepherd Puppies in Ohio. Hello I have beautiful Black German Shepherd puppies.

I am committed to breeding the highest Quality German Shepherds which includes health, temperament, intelligence, conformation and working ability.

When you buy a puppy from us, you are getting a QUALITY German Shepherd to become a life time member for you and your family. My dogs have extreme ball drive in the dam and sire making them incredibly easy to train.

Both parents have endless titles throughout their family trees. Backgrounds of DDR lines of German Shepherds with titles like SCHH3, FH3 3x DDR SIEGER, EUROPAMEISTER. and SCH3(25X),FH2,IPO3,CGC,TDI,HRD

Both the mother and father I have raised from puppies. With 7 horses on the farm I taught my Dam in 2 days to put the pony who likes to escape back in his stall or in the pasture and she does an amazing job. My male Smokey is extreme ball drive and you can teach him to do anything with a simple reward of his ball. Their tracking ability is beyond what I have encountered in any other dog. I watched them track a ball thrown threw the air with it never touching the ground.

The abilities my dogs are bred with make excellent family protection dogs, drug dogs, tracking dogs, personal companions and are excellent guard dogs. These dogs understand everything I say and are so easy to train and willing to please.

All dogs have ancestors have A normal to very good hips and elbows in a long line of ancestors. Parents have OFA excellent hips.

Call or text 937-776-6791 Ohio

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