Brave and Faithful K9 German Shepherds – EXCEPTIONAL 2020 SPRING BREEDING

SIRE: Armus Vom Boomerbucht BH, IPO1, IGP2 (Trialing for IGP3 in spring)
DAM: VD-Abraxas Seahawk BH (Training for IGP titles)

Awaiting confirmation…Both sire and dam are DM clear, hip and elbow tested, as well as have PHENOMENAL pedigrees and solid temperaments.

We currently are accepting only 3 more reservation deposits for this litter! For MAJOR details, visit our website and click on the “Abraxas Seahawk Current Breeding” tab.  ?WWW.BFK9.NET?

Brave and Faithful K9 German Shepherds – EXCEPTIONAL 2020 SPRING BREEDING. We are VERY EXCITED to announce one of our planned 2020 SPRING BREEDINGS!

DAM: VD-Abraxas Seahawk BH

SIRE: Armus vom Boomerbucht BH, IPO1, IGP2

Please visit WWW.BFK9.NET for MEGA details on Abraxas and Armus including: Pictures, Health Testing Info. & Guarantees, Military/First Responder Discount, PRICE, and even Videos of Abraxas’s most recent litter “In Training” with our BFK9 IGP/Obedience trainer. Start by clicking on the “Abraxas Seahawk Planned Breeding” tab.

With this specific combination, we will be doing a 5-5 linebreeding on V-Marc Herkulesblick SCH3, FH, IPO3. In his breed report, Marc is described as, ” Safe nature, toughness, courage and fighting instinct pronounced.”

We expect the puppies produced from this pairing to be well suited for IGP, Agility, Performance Obedience, ACTIVE family pets and more!

If you are interested in a puppy from Armus and Abraxas, please visit our website (WWW.BFK9.NET) and fill out our puppy questionnaire. We are ALWAYS happy to answer any questions you may have!

Ways to GET in TOUCH:
Phone: 405-520-2820

Brave and Faithful K9 German Shepherds - EXCEPTIONAL 2020 SPRING BREEDING

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