Can Guinea Pigs Swim

Guinea pigs and water don’t seem like a natural mixture, but if you’re looking for YouTube, you’ll find plenty of videos swimming along with them – and perhaps even enjoying them. Or is it? Can the guinea pigs swim in fact? Are they supposed to swim?

Can Guinea Pigs Swim

Some would claim that if they have to swim, every mammal can swim. But the big body and small legs of the guinea pig indicate that these small creatures may not be constructed to swim.Yes, technically, if the only option is sinking, a guinea pig can swim.If your guinea pig sat down in a shallow bowl of water, he might be panicking, particularly if he had never before been subjected to water.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Swimming?

Whether guinea pigs like swimming or not is a completely different matter. Every breeder will inform you not to bathe your guinea pig unless it is absolutely necessary. In the coat, bathing removes good oils and can dry the skin. Guinea pigs don’t like swimming in general, nor do they like being bathed. It’s like cats. They’re self-grooming and they don’t have to go into the water to remain clean. When you attempt to put the most cat. On the other hand, Guinea pigs evolved to live on land and create burrows in the underground. In the wild, guinea pigs drink water only if the plants they eat do not get enough hydration. Most guinea pigs hate swimming (or fear) so much that in the laboratory researchers use this fear against them. Analysts developed a “guinea pig forced swim test” when testing an antidepressant medication. The hypothesis was that swimming was such a stressful event for piggies that afterwards they almost always feel depressed. Unfortunately, this made them the ideal antidepressant test subject. There is, of course, an exception to any rule. Some owners early in life expose their guinea pigs to water. Usually these guys don’t fear water. They might even enjoy swimming or swimming. But most guinea pigs would prefer to keep them away from the tub, far away. Please make sure that it’s not deep water if you decide to put your guinea pig in water. Put them only in very shallow water. Guinea pig in Wikipedia   Looking for other pets – GO HERE

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