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    Tutorial of How to Draw a Dog is sharing a simple tutorial of how to draw a realistic dog. This tutorial doesn’t expect you to be a skilled artist, on the contrary, it’s for everyone who just wants to draw a dog. All you need is some basic drawing supplies and an idea. How to draw a realistic dog in just […] More

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    Woman Finished a Marathon Carrying A Rescued Puppy

    A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal If you were to see a helpless soul in the middle of something important in your life, what would you do? Would you continue with what you were doing or would you stop and think about yourself being in the same helpless situation? […] More

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    Dogs Are Cleaner Than Men’s Beards

    Are dogs really as dirty as a lot of people tend to think? I’ve always found it very surprising when someone says: “Don’t let that dog lick you, his tongue is full of germs, you’ll get sick.” For me, it was everyday life, living with 10-25 dogs for over a decade. Yes, our house was […] More

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    Top 4 Reasons Why Kids Should Have Pets

    Kids with pets are healthier There are numerous health benefits in living with pets. People with pets have lower blood pressure, less risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, and are more physically active. These benefits also apply to kids, from walking the dog to playing with the family rabbit in the garden, having a pet […] More

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    NFL Player Trades Football for Life on the Open Road

    A former American footballer and a travel blogger Joe Hawley lives with less to experience more. This free-spirited sportsman travels around in his car with his best friend Freedom to pursue a search of a new path. They are exploring different regions, meeting new people and enjoying every second of it. Joseph Kelly Hawley who […] More

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    BMX STAR – le Cow-Boy de Saint-Tropez in Monte-Carlo, Monaco

    Sport and Dogs invited le Cow-Boy de Saint-Tropez Eric Marchello with his athletic little dog Hoppy to perform in Monte-Carlo who is back in his BMX bike after just being recovered from serious injury. Sport and Dogs honours the great athletes and brings you stories about them and their dogs. BMX is one of the […] More

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    “Holy Ship!” Police dog got high from Ecstasy

    Floridas detection dog Jake aka the sniffer dog got high while trying to find drugs being smuggled by passengers into the “Holy Ship!” dance music cruise. The dog accidentally inhaled some MDMA (called ecstasy in the streets) from a bag of powder in one of the raver’s pockets. “Jake started having some problems with balance […] More