Certified Working Service Dog Solid Black German Shepherd Female

Certified Working Service Dog Solid Black German Shepherd Female. D’Roxy Vom Lakyra X and Maximus Von Hanrahan welcomed 8 beautiful high potential puppies into the world on Oct 24, 2020. Roxy: Her bloodlines speak volumes to her workablility. She is currently a certified working service dog. She is large solid black female, with very nice structure. She is very biddable in temperament, nice and solid on any and all surface, with high work ethics. She shows nice balance of drive from working all day in the field to a loving trustworthy house companion. Max: A very nice upcoming young male, with sought after pedigree. Max shows nice strong grip, very correct and flashy obedience, to his super deep nose in tracking. These puppies have the potential to go in any direction. The pedigree is so outstanding, to mention all the noteworthy dogs would be to lenghty. Max’s : Pepper Von Kappa Kathago, Agent Vom Wolfshim, Asko Von Der luther Roxy: Aikon Vom Flussblick, Lakyra Van Het Dasjes Huis

Pedigree available upon request:

Please contact Dave Popelmayer for futher information

VIA text 801-560-3927.

We have puppies available for APPROVED homes.

Certified Working Service Dog Solid Black German Shepherd Female

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