Coin Flip Lands on Side/Edge | NICKEL FLIP

Odds are 1/6000 (about .017%). This was actually the second time I've landed it like this, but the first video had bad lighting and was filmed from too far away. Also not sure if that fail in the beginning counted. I've literally been trying this before bottle flipping became a trend (so yes, it was intentional). The reason it took so long was because i wasn't using a good surface to flip it on. If anyone wants to try this, definitely do it on a plastic clipboard like I did. I showed proof it was real, and showed it was a nickel meaning it's not magnetic. Enjoy, and subscribe for more cool videos like this! Sorry this video is kind of short. Don't worry, I'm working on a new video (Epic Random Trickshots 5) but it may take a while to come out because I'm very busy with school. Make sure to follow my Instagram (@crazyshenanigans1) so you don't miss anything! Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4 Black —————————————————————————- Subscribe to my YouTube channel! : Follow my Instagram! : Source

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