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Become more visible online

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Connect with pet owners

Make more sales

Connect With Pet Owners All Over The World

For small pet shops, getting more customers can be a hard thing to accomplish. This is where marketing is extremely essential to survive and stay ahead in the business. Many pet shop owners ignore the need for marketing on a regular basis. Existing and potential customers should always know about things happening at your pet shop. Online marketing can be the most cost-effective way of reaching and updating your customer base regularly.

Advertise on places where your target group is present

Advertising on Facebook and Google is the usual way of online marketing, but you need to think about who is the target group you want to advertise? Because you want to advertise on places where your target group is present! If your target group is pet owners and dog lovers then you want to advertise on a site like is targeted for pet owners is specially made for connecting pet owners and lovers worldwide. As of September 2019, has users from 176 countries all around the World and from 4543 different cities around the Globe! It is a relatively new site so the growth is remarkable. But since it is specifically targeted for pet owners the advertisements have helped already many to sell products and services.

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