Impressive Rescue of a Dog – Pomeranian Dognapped by Coyote

Coyote Catches Pomeranian and Runs Away with the Dog in Mouth

Not all the heroes wear a coat. A woman thanks neighbors for the impressive rescue of her Pomeranian dog of nine years after being abducted by a coyote in Arizona (USA). Jennifer Hutsko told 12 News that one of her three dogs was taken by the coyote near her home. Fortunately, neighbors gathered to remember another dead dog after being attacked by another coyote went into action to chase the wild animal. A video shows when a subject chases the coyote with the dog in its jaws. According to information, the coyote dropped the Pomeranian near a park when he was cornered. The owner said that her Pomeranian Chloe’s coat helped her not suffer major injuries. Hutsko added that he learned the lesson and will never walk his dogs again if not on a leash. Neighbors in Arizona recommend bringing a whistle for encounters with wildlife.
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