Red Shark Water Bikes – Monaco Yacht Show 2019

This was most certainly the most interesting water toy we saw at the Monaco Yacht show this year. Red Shark Water Bikes! There are not many things you can do with your dog on the water. But this is one of the few of those. Just take a water bike and your dog and go to cycle on the water. You can relax with only water around you and your dog. Feels like in heaven!

Cycle With Your Dog on the Water Like in Heaven!

Interview by Sport and Dogs –


I am very pleased to meet you! Josep. Josep from Barcelona.


City where plays Messi!

Yes, Football Barcelona!

And Josep has a dog.

What’s your dogs name?



How old?

3 and half years old

What is the most you enjoy with your dog?

To ride a bicycle from there and go out on the water. That’s amazing for him he likes a lot water. He loves water. He is the type of the dog who love water. And for him to sit there and me cycling, and he being on the water and playing is fantastic. Like to be in the heaven.

Like to be in heaven with his dog!

Does your dog make you feel happy?

Of course, he is like a son. He is a part of the family. I have two kids, one daughter and one boy and then him.

Thank you!

You are Welcome!

Cycle With Your Dog on the Water Like in Heaven - Red Shark

Red Shark Water Bikes

Please, tell me about your bike.

This is a water bike, inflatable, that you can do exactly what you want on the water. At the beginning it is a little bit difficult, because you must play on the flat water. But as soon as you get the feeling on bicycle, you get to play with the big waves. Up to one meter with no problem. But it is nice because you can relax with no traffic. You only have water around you. And you can be more friendly with your friends. You can talk about everything and feeling how it goes.

And this is a very good product, we have 3 models.
This one is the basic one. The Enjoy module that costs 2500 euros, more or less, plus taxes.
And then the Fitness module, the black one that costs 200 euros more.
And then the final one is the Race one.

Everything you can fit into this bag. This is the complete bag.
Here is the frame, you can see the frame. We have the carbon fiber option that is more light. You can see it’s really light.
And more or less it is a good product that you can fit on your car. You can use it on the standard bike rack. You can take it on your car or on your yacht.

And you can bike with your dog?

Of course! No, you can cycle with your dog!

You can cycle with your dog?

You can cycle with your dog! I don’t sell my dog.

Super! Thank You!

You are Welcome! Thank you very much!


Josep Rubau
Red Shark Europe


Monika Laneman


Sport and Dogs is Lifestyle!

Life is Better with Pets!


Red Shark Water Bikes Dog Monaco Yacht Show 2019

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