Czech German Shepherd Male for Sale Dark Sable

Czech German Shepherd Male for Sale Dark Sable

Czech German Shepherd Male for Sale Dark Sable. HAIRO BLACK ADDER BOHEMIA-

born: 04.17.2017
exam:BH-VT, ZVV1,
show: very good,
DNA, hips+elbows:0/0.

Hairo is very large, strong stud male with wonderful black sable color. He has nice head. Hairo has very good character, he loves to work. will produce dogs (harder dogs, high defense/prey, high hunt, with clear head) meant for law enforcement, than for sport, even though the pups will have the required drives to do sport at a high enough level too.

This is exactly the type of dog I personally like. Hairo’s pups have nice dark sable color, good character they have high apetit! Hairo had an injury few days ago. He had a hematom in his ear. A vet did him a operation, but his ear is now down, it is esthetic defect no genetic .

Hairo’s pedigree is mostly CZECH:

FATHER: ŹAKO-MAX Z JIRKOVA DVORA- ZVV3 show: excellent,1st breeding class. Other good ancestors in pedigree: OX Z JIRKOVA DVORA- BH,IPO3,ZVV1 – his father RENO JIPO-ME – ZPS1,ZPO1,IPO1,ZVV3, IV.generation excellent breeding top male XAC Z POHRANICNI STRAZE- many quality litters after this male!! Xac’s his father TOP MALE GERO Z BLATENSKEHO ZAMKU-FH1,ZPS1,OP1,ZVV3,SCHH3,IPO3, 3x CHAMPION CHAMPIONSHIP CZECH REPUBLIC!O-ME BH,IPO3 competitor of WUSV 2011,RENO JIPO-ME.

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