Czech Import German Shepherd Stud in LA

Czech Import German Shepherd Stud in LA. VD Ares Z Eliscina Dvora IPO3, ZVV1 HD/ED Normal. DM Carrier. Czech Import. Proven producer. Carries Black and Bi-color. Ares is a strong male, but I have found he produces better with a strong female. He has a high food and mid ball drive. Works in prey and defense. Full, calm grip. He can be bull headed and will try to get away with things from time to time. But he is very handler oriented. Once he bonds, his person is his person. He is friendly to other people and super neutral with dogs (male, female, puppy, intact, doesn’t matter). Additional pictures/videos available upon request. He has been off of the field for a few years; just worked here and there and used for breeding. But I think would shape back up easily, if you wanted to continue trialing him. Great in crate, public, vehicles, new places, etc. Does fine in house or kennel environment.

Only selling due to downsizing.

Located in Folsom, LA.

Shipping available.


Czech Import German Shepherd Stud in LA

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