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Do cats love music? Read this post and find out!

I can never imagine my cat dancing to the beats of ‘Uptown Funk’. She strolls around all day, breaks and drops things in her way and disobeys me like I don’t exist. But then I love her immensely and my life without Mittens is not complete. People who pet cats will definitely agree with me. But is there a way to keep your feline friend composed? Wouldn’t it be nice to see your cat obeying your instructions. Following the routine as scheduled and calmly sitting down in one corner of the house. Of course yes! So here is a post that will help you identify the ability of cats to like music

Let’s discuss the real thing: Do cats like music?

Like you have a different taste for music, so does your cat. And why not, after all, cats too have hearing abilities. The way you listen to pop, heavy metal or country music, your cat too enjoys a different set of songs. The only noteworthy point here is that cats do not like human music. So what music do they like? It is basically a new concept invented by a team of scientists. A certain category of music help cats go in a deep slumber. Now, this is what happened in the lab of animal scientists trying to find the best music for cats. It all started when a cello player named David Teie teamed up with a bunch of animal scientists. David and the scientists delved deep into the concept of cat music and came up with a perfect combination that will lull your mitten in a few seconds. Not only this but it will also help your cat stay calm. So, this is how a new topic like this came into existence and I am sure many cat lovers will be drawn to the idea of cat music. After all, even I found a playlist online, specially made for cat owners.

The science behind cat love for music

If we look at the science behind the cat and their likeness for music. It is precisely for the reason that I will discuss below. First and foremost, cats do not react to the sounds of human music because they can only relate to the sounds that come from the cat world. In other words, cats will react to the sounds familiar to them. The sound can range from purring, meowing, to the frequencies of sound they are familiar with. Instead, there is an interesting fact about cats. They use sliding frequencies to connect with each other. So, the music for cats is inclusive of different sliding tones that match to the ‘cat frequency’.

The effect of music on our feline friends

Now that we have discussed the scientific aspect of how cats fall in love with music. Let us see how cat music will help you. But always remember that cat music can be a little annoying for you just like cats dislike human music. Though it is safe to say that the moment you play a cat tone on your phone or speaker your cat will run to the sound of the music and rub its face against the phone or speaker. This is another way to say that your cat is marking his/her territory and claiming the music as her own. In addition to this, if you ever feel that your kitten needs company while you take care of other businesses. Never doubt cat music. It is one of the best ways to keep the cat relax for some time. The rhythm of the song will fit right into the cat atmosphere and your feline friend will fall asleep to the sound of the music. Also, have you ever seen your cat behaving weirdly? It might be one of those days when your cat is stressing out. Though sometimes it is hard to identify the cause behind it, but you definitely don’t want your cat to scratch sofas and pillows all day long. So, make sure you play a good cat song when your cat is stressed out.

Pick your playlist and see how it works

If you are all for cat music and wondering where to find cat music? Here’s what you can do to find the right music for your feline friend. Log into YouTube or stream a good cat music. It is easy plus free. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and stream the most mesmerizing music for your cat and see how it works for your cat. But if you still doubt the power of cat music, I will not blame you. A doubting Thomas will always be skeptical. In fact, it is a good thing to first doubt, then test and finally try the thing. Plus cat music is a new concept, so, it will definitely leave people in doubt. But all the cat lovers and especially people who have cats for emotional support can try cat music too. Just like your emotional support animal letter helped you find the right fit of cat. A good cat tone could be the right fit for your cat.

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