Dog on Roof Rescued by Fearless Man in Rhode Island

When owners left home their dog was feeling lonely and decided to climb on the roof. How on the earth a dog manages to climb on a roof? Dog on roof rescued by a man is not something you see every day.

It all happened in Rhode Island and was caught on a video by a local man named Daylue Goah. He was looking out of the window when he saw that a large dog was somehow managed to get on top of the roof of his neighbors house.

When neighbors discovered that the dog was on the roof they called for a help. Animals rescue car arrived soon and everyone thought now the dog will be saved. But for unknown reason the animals rescue car left without saving the dog.

By then already the owners arrived back and with an unknown man, a good Samaritan came to help. The man climbed on top of the roof and made the magic happen saving the dog.

He tried several minutes to persuade the dog but dog did not trust to move down from the roof. Then the man climbed onto the roof, took the dog and passed him to the dogs owner through the sunroof.

Together they managed to rescue the lucky dog that everyone was worried of.

The dog owner guessed that the dog might have got on the roof through an open window on the top floor.

You can see the whole dog rescue story in the following videos.




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Dog on Roof Rescued by Man in Rhode Island

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