Hilarious: Dog Drove Alone 1 Hour With A Car in Florida

A dog was caught behind the wheel of a moving car driving circles

A black labrador retriever from Florida was found behind the wheel driving backwards for almost an hour.

Max hopped in its owner’s running car, kicked it in reverse and drove in circles. Just before the police showed up Max smashed a neighbour’s mailbox and some garbage cans. Luckily he exited without any major scratches.

Port St. Lucie resident Anne Sabol commented to CNN affiliate WPBF that she wasn’t really sure why someone was doing reverse doughnuts in her neighbourhood dead end. Looked like an inept student driver whirling around.

“At first I thought I saw somebody backing up, but then they kept going, and I’m like, ‘OK, what’re they doing?’” she told the interviewers.

The cops and the fire department monitored the joyrider from a safe distance. After crashing cans and a mailbox, the vehicle slowed down enough for authorities to open the door using the driver’s side door keypad.

A Dog From Florida Driving A Car
A Dog From Florida Driving A Car

Who’s drivin’ that car? A black Labrador Retriever

Anne Sabol watched as a large black Labrador retriever hopped out of the driver’s seat. “‘OK, this is turning weird,'” she remembered thinking.

The dog’s owner, who asked to remain anonymous, had left his car running in the street and the dog in some way changed the gears.

Fortunately, the incident in this fairly quiet place didn’t cause any injuries only a little damage that the owner promised to fix.

We do not know what was going on in this dogs head, was he joyfully free or terribly frightened but the dog arguably had a better driving record than most Florida residents.

At least Anne Sabol was very impressed, saying “They should give that dog a license.”

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