Follow the Blue Ball (Chain Reaction Machine) | Creezy

This 'One Ball Path' chain reaction machine is complicated, but your task is simple: Follow the Blue Ball. Get Your Engineering Pathways Education Creation Kit: This kit is perfect for people who are just starting to make their own Chain Reactions Machine Videos, and can also help teach children about different concepts of physics. Check it out! 1 ball, 1 cup, and 30+ steps. This machine took about 1 and 1/2 months to create and film. Although you can't see it in this video, there were 4 lamps all placed around the room that I had to maneuver around when filming, so things might look a little shaky. Also, I used a Go Pro to filmed this video because the wide-angle lens made it easier to film, while using my iPhone camera required me to film from farther out, making me bump into even more lamps and parts of the machine. Hope it came out okay! Creezy Merch: Want to win a free item from the Creezy Merch shop? Guess the exact number of attempts this machine took in the comments. First comment to correctly guess the number wins! One entry per person. Good luck! (Hint: It's over 100) Song: Dj Quads – Downtown Funk Subscribe! : Follow my Instagram! : Source

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