For Sale Titled Dark Sable Longhair Czech Female of German Shepherd Dog

For Sale Titled Dark Sable Longhair Czech Female of German Shepherd Dog

For Sale Titled Dark Sable Longhair Czech Female of German Shepherd Dog. I offer for sale titled, dark sable longhair female of German Shepherd Dog


DOB: 8.3.2017

exam: ZVV1 (points 96-88-90)

show: SG2

körung: 5VZ1/P 1st class of breeding / KKL I

HD B (1/1 Czech), ED A (0/0 Czech), DNA GPR. SV

DM N/N free after both parents!


Jeff vom Weißeritztal – V, IPO3, HD+ED normal, LÜW 0, DM free N/N, participant of BSP


Gucci z Jukasu – G, IPO3, HD + ED normal, Kkl 2 5CY1/P, DNA gpr, DM free N/N, Pike del Lupo Nero daughter

Patricia is still two years old female, dark sable color, longhair, with dark eyes, beautiful head and strong bones. Her height is 59 centimetres, weight about 29 kilogrames. She comes from very interesting Czech-German bloodline – Ellute v.d. Mohnwiese, Mic v..d Kine, Pike del Lupo Nero, Norman Eqidius….

She has all teeth, titled Czech National exam ZVV1 with points A96- B88- C90, show SG2 in junior class, körung with best result she can get 5VZ1/P 1st class of breeding, DNA geprüft (by SV), HD B 1/1 Czech, ED A 0/0 Czech.

She is perfect with small and older children, no problem with other dogs and animals, very kind with other people. She is used to travel by car and train, no problem with environment, places, rooms, … She is used to live outside in kennel, or inside in a flat. She loves all her family members.

Patricia has clear head. She can be used for national dog sport or other exams, loves to do anything for her owner. Very good food and ball drive. Her obedience is fast and eager, defence with speed, passion and rapacity.

She can be used for breeding program (next heating is expect in March-April 2020), for national dog sport, as a family member or for family protection.

Shipping possible worldwide from Czech republic, she has a microchip + passport + vaccination. Export pedigree possible to create for new owner.

For more info write me on email

Video: – obedience 1/2020 – protection 11/2019 – protection 1 year old – obedience & protection before 1 year old

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