Funny Commercial 19m views: Nike Soccer Commercial - Good vs. Evil

Funny Commercial 19m views: Nike Soccer Commercial – Good vs. Evil

This is a commercial for Nike where the good guys (the allstar players of Europe) take on devil figures and beast them. Funny Commercial 19m views: Nike Soccer Commercial - Good vs. Evil
I worked on this commercial. We shot in Tunisia, for 17 nights. Every night, one of the soccer stars would fly in and motorcade to the stadium, and we would shoot his part, which would include placing him in position for the Megamount motion control tilt-up shot which reveals the whole team together (later processed to include them all). At the time, 1995, this was the most expensive commercial ever shot, costing well over a million dollars to produce, and over 100 million dollars was spent in airing this all over the world (except the US), where it played mostly in movie theaters. The agency was Widen Kennedy, the director was Tarzem, and the Director of Photography was Paul Laufer. The crew, except for the aforementioned and I, was English, the lighting and grip came from Italy, cameras from England, and one night I needed different lens rings in order to adapt Nikon 400 and 600mm lenses to work with the Preston Rangefinder laser focus system (which came from Santa Monica, Ca.) and the producers hired a private jet which flew from London to Tunisia to deliver them before dawn!! The colosseum there was the largest ever built by the Romans with the exception of Rome’s, and it was incredibly impressive to walk around there at night, knowing its incredibly violent history. New violence was present every night, when the local police would beat people away with large baton-sticks to keep them away after the night’s casting of local extras had been completed. A truly memorable experience (and I could go on for hours with stories!) which I will never forget!! Thank you so much, Paul, for bringing me!!
Tony Balderrama

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