Funny Ring-tailed Lemurs and Tortoises Battle for Food | Love Nature

Funny ring-tailed lemurs battle for food with tortoises in the tortoise pen. Gangs of Ring-tailed Lemur Island in Madagascar's Berenty reserve are facing the mounting challenges of the dry season. One lemur gang leader Crystal is a good mother to son Tommy but as the fierce leader of the Ruins Gang, her reign of fear makes life hard for some of her subjects. Rival gang lemur queen Kati, leader of the ramshackle Museum Gang, has found a good food supply for her crew, but her battle-shy leadership style might put them all in danger. New lemur Island video coming every Tuesday! Subscribe & turn on your notification! Subscribe to Love Nature YouTube Channel: Make sure to also subscribe to our other socials for wild animals/wildlife content: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #lemur #ringtailedlemur #cuteanimals Source

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