German Shepherd Female for Sale Full DDR Breeding Female

I recently imported a lovely DDR female to breed to my stud. She is 2.5 years old. Bred, whelped and has been mothering her litter with no complications. Had a beautiful and healthy litter of 6 puppies. Once they are weaned I am considering placing her into a new home. I will be starting a rather large business in the next month or so and I know my time will be extremely limited as far as breeding goes. This could possibly be my last litter after 10 years of breeding dogs. As bitter sweet as it is, If someone can utilize her bloodlines instead of her sitting around I’d be open to placing her as she is in her prime and has a lot to offer someone in a program. Good home is a must, I’m not in a hurry to place her but I am putting out some feelers. She would be ready after her litter is weaned and in their new homes in about a months time. Anyone interested can write me and I will share pedigree, photos, asking price and any other information you may be interested in. Sable in color, carries for long coat, Hips and elbows done through SV, ZW score of 69. Pre breeding weight right at 77lbs. Nice temperament and does well with my dogs. Introduced briefly to cats, didn’t show too much interest. Knows basic commands. She has pink papers and is registered with AKC now. Any questions feel free to ask. I am asking what I paid to import her from Germany.

Location: USA

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