German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

26.9.2019 was born excellent litter “H3” from Kurimske haje.

The puppies are supposed to have very good working character and nice exterior. Have a very interesting working pedigree !!!

Mother Veezy z Kurimskeho haje, bH, ZVV1, IGP2 – lively female, very good prey, clear head. Friendly, non-conflicting. Excellent tracking, obedience and defense

Father Shadow Tobani, BH, IPO 1, IPO 2, IPO 3, ZVV 1, ZVV 2 – Early exam ZVV3 !!! Big strong dog, strong, clear head, crazy retriever, very hard defense. Love small children – very tender.

For sale females black and bicolor and one boy bicolor. Bargain transport price – 2 puppies in one box.


Location: Czech Republic

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