German Shepherd Puppies from Old Czech Bloodline

German Shepherd Puppies from Old Czech Bloodline

German Shepherd Puppies from Old Czech Bloodline.

Puppies come from old Czech bloodline, both parents and all ancestors have HD / ED normal (0/0) and they are titled, with dogs show and breeding exam (körung). Parents give 100% to the training, but they can calm down after finishing it and make a great companior. Puppies will be suitable for sports training and competition, for police work or personal and family protection. They are in correct size, nice exterior, solid black and dark sable color, strong heads and nice body structure. We are expecting interesting potential for work with high drives but clear heads, balanced nature and strong nerves.

FATHER: Aggi Wind Wild – CMKU/DS/73409/09. Breeding exam 5CVQ1/P. HD (0/0), ED (0/0), DNA. Tittles ZVV 3, ZM, ZZO, IPO-FH, FH 2, BH, IPO 3. Aggi is very dark sable male, very strong in character, perfectly balanced and confident. With excellent movement in any environment and great social behavior. Lively and active with very high ball and food drive. Excellent tracker. Easy to learn, willing dog with a hearty desire and enthusiasm for work. He gives excellent characters to his progenies so as strong body structure. In his bloodline you can find very well known and great stud dog Tom z Pohranicni straze and many excellent dogs from old Czech bloodline.

MOTHER: Quinetta z Hané – CMKU/DS/110022/17. Breeding exam 5VQ1/P. HD (0/0), ED (0/0), DNA, DM N/N. Tittle ZVV 1, BH, IGP 1. Quinetta is very dark sable female with strong bones and very nice working type. With working heart, very active and temperamental, at the same time very balanced with excellent social behavior, outstanding nerves. In her temperament she is very willing to work with handler. After the work is finished she is able to immediately rest in her kennel and conserve power for her next working session. Very careful mother of her puppies. In her bloodline you can find very imposant and successful dog Argo z Travnickova dvora.

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Pedigree of puppies:é-194452

Contact: Radek Fuksa (Czech Republic)


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