100+ Best Greek Mythology Dog Names

Greek Mythology Dog Names

Greek Mythology Dog Names

Greek God Names for Dogs and Goddess Dog Names

Choosing Greek dog names for your puppy is an exciting project, but searching internet endlessly and scrolling thousands of names to find the right one can be exhausting. We all want our dog to have the best name of all. Greek mythology dog names never disappoint a dog owner. Here you can find Greek names for dogs. List of Greek gods, Greek goddesses, Titans and other great men.

Find the best powerful name for your dog in this list of Greek mythology dog names. 

Greek Mythology Dog Names

Achelois – A moon goddess

Aeolus – God of air and the winds

Aether – God of light 

Alastor – God of family feuds 

Alectrona – Goddess of the sun

Amphitrite – Wife of Poseidon

Antheia – Goddess of gardens

Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty

Apollo – God of the sun

Ares – God of war 

Artemis – Goddess of the moon and hunting

Asclepius – God of health and medicine

Astraea – Goddess of justice

Até – Goddess of mischief

Athena – Goddess of wisdom

Atlas – Titan who carried the weight of the world on his back

Atropos – One of The Fates 

Bia – Goddess of force

Boreas – God of the North Wind

Caerus – God of luck and opportunity 

Calliope – One of the Muses

Calypso – The sea nymph who held Odysseus prisoner 

Castor – One of the twins of Gemini

Cerus – The bull of the Taurus constellation

Ceto – A sea monster goddess

Chronos – God of time

Circe – A goddess who transformed her enemies into beasts

Clio – One of the Muses

Clotho – One of the Fates

Crios – The crab of the Cancer constellation 

Cronus – Father of the Titans

Cybele – Goddess of wild animals

Demeter – Goddess of the harvest

Dionysus – God of wine and pleasure

Doris – A Sea nymph

Eileithyia – Goddess of childbirth

Elpis – The spirit of hope 

Eos – Goddess of the dawn

Erato – One of the Muses

Erebus – God of darkness 

Eris – Goddess of strife

Eros – God of love

Eurus – God of the East Wind 

Euterpe – One of the Muses 

Gaia – Goddess of the Earth

Hades – God of the dead

Harmonia – Goddess of harmony 

Hebe – Goddess of youth

Hecate – Goddess of magic

Helios – God of the sun 

Hemera – Goddess of daylight

Hephaestus – God of fire

Hera – Goddess of goddesses and women

Hercules – The strongest man on Earth, according to Greek legends

Hermes – Messenger of the gods

Hesperus – The Evening Star

Hestia – Greek goddess of the home and fertility 

Hygea – Goddess of cleanliness and hygiene 

Hymenaios – God of weddings

Hypnos – God of sleep 

Iris – Goddess of rainbows

Khione – Goddess of snow 

Kratos – God of strength and power

Lacheses – One of the Fates

Maia – Goddess of fields

Mania – Goddess of insanity

Melpomene – One of the Muses

Momus – God of satire, writers, and poets 

Morpheus – God of dreams and sleep

Nemesis – Goddess of vengeance 

Nike – Goddess of victory

Notus – God of the South Wind

Nyx – Goddess of night

Oceanus – Titan god of the ocean 

Pan – God of woods

Peitha – Goddess of persuasion

Persephone – Goddess of the Spring 

Pheme – Goddess of fame and gossip

Phosphorus – The Morning Star

Plutus – God of wealth 

Pollux – One of the Gemini twins 

Polyhymnia – One of the Muses

Poseidon – God of the sea

Rhea – Goddess of nature

Selene – Goddess of the moon

Tartarus – God of the depths of the underworld 

Terpsichore – One of the Muses 

Thanatos – God of death

Theia – Titan of sight and the light of the sky

Themis – Titan of the law and order

Tyche – Goddess of fortune and prosperity

Typhon – God of monsters 

Urania – One of the Muses 

Uranus – God of the sky

Zelus – The god of jealousy

Zephyrus – God of the West Wind

Zeus – God of lightning, thunder, and the heavens


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