Hair Care for Pomeranian Dogs

Pom Pom’s short name gets a lot of attention from animal lovers. Dogs are known to be cute with fox-like faces, their fine hairs attract a lot of sympathy from people to hold them. The gift of a healthy Pomeranian’s hair, coupled with good care from its owner, this mini pom needs extra attention if you want them to remain beautiful. How to treat Pomeranian hair requires additional support. For example a special animal hair comb, a special shampoo for nutrition as a fur and cut fur at a certain time. Pomeranian dog care can be different from any other owner’s advice, but certainly the mini pom needs special time to tidy up the fur so it does not tangle and clot. Pomeranian dogs at least need to brush the bristles once a week or twice (may be longer for other people caring for Pomeranians). The purpose of brushing dog Pomeranian hair is how to keep the coat straight and well, in certain situations there can be hair loss. Brushing mini poms with a special animal comb or brush is also important. Their comb is different from human’s. There are two types of combs that are suitable for dog hair, which can be straight and curved. While the comb rod can be made of special rubber, plastic or wire with the shape of the end does not hurt or make the skin surface blisters. The pattern of combing Pomeranian hairs starts at the top, then down to the back. You can see the fur groove as a guide to brush, so it doesn’t tangle. For the stomach, do it carefully. The lower part of the abdomen has thinner hair than the back and top. When combing, make sure the comb tip touches the surface of the skin so that dirt that is hidden in the fur can be lifted. While other benefits eliminate hair loss and make it wider. How to care for Pomeranian dog hair is related to the cleanliness of their bodies. Bathing is one way to provide additional nutrition for always healthy hair and a problem-free skin surface. Some Pomeranian owners may bathe animals every day, but in my opinion it is returned to each animal owner. Pomeranian may be bathed every day, but should they bathe every day? Cleaning pomeranian dogs through bathing, maybe it could be only once a month or according to the conditions that occur. Establish a bathing schedule for them is very necessary to maintain the quality of the hair is always excellent and maximum. By bathing animals, the coat is not easily tangled and clotted. Pomeranian dog hair can tangle and look dry, this is possible if it is rarely bathed. Before you bathe a mini pom dog, always get used to combing to prevent hair from getting tangled in contact with water. The process of bathing a pomeranian dog needs dog shampoo. Their shampoo is different from human’s. After bathing the pomeranian, the drying needs to be perfect, not leaving any residual water or shampoo on the surface of the skin and fur. The remaining water and shampoo on their bodies are at risk of skin disease and irritation. Under certain conditions, the water that remains in the feathers helps the development of fungi and bacteria. So, make sure the drying to the hair and body has been done. You can use a hair dryer to help with drying with a low spray and a measured distance. Cut the Pomeranian hair you can do yourself at home. But the model you have for them is very limited. Some experts can cut dog hair professionally. They have many models for pomeranian and you just choose the most suitable one. If you do cut the Pomeranian dog’s fur without the help of others. When cutting hair, do not use a shaver. Their fur coat has two layers and the inside when shaved can damage the underlying tissue. After the feather trimming is complete, brush the coat to clean up what is left of the body.

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