The Secret of Happy Life Revealed by Monaco Deputy Mayor Jacques Pastor

The Secret of Happy Life Revealed by Monaco Deputy Mayor Jacques Pastor

Sport and Dogs is excited to meet, for PetWorldGlobal readers from more than 170 countries, in wonderful and magnificent Principality of Monaco at Yacht Club with Jacques Pastor.

Jacques is the Deputy Mayor of Monaco and everything about sports is more or less related to him in this city.

Jacques also takes care of and curates things related to Monaco’s traditions and heritage, the historical DNA of the Monegasque.

Jacques Pastor is like a bridge between the new modern technical fast world and the 8th century old Monegasque ́s  historical memory and traditions.

Jacques is an enormously energetic man who can be seen riding a glamorous and modern Harley Davidson motorcycle to the old and historic Monaco City Hall building. Where he prepares for a youth sporting event in the first half of the day and takes part in and curates the Monegasque Mother Tongue and History Festival event on the second half of the day.

The Principality of Monaco is an independent sovereign state headed by the HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Monaco covers an area of just 2.2 square kilometers (1.6 square miles) and has a population of about 38,000. Of which about 22% is Monegasque, the rest being a very cosmopolitan group of many nations. Who have moved to the highest of the world GDP country for the very high welfare and standard of living.

Among those who have been granted permission to reside here by the ruling prince and the local authorities are French, Italians, British, Americans, Australians and in recent decades Russians.

Technically, it is a city-state with the highest percentage of people in the world that qualify as millionaires. The share of billionaires in Monaco is also the highest per capita than anywhere else in the world.

Did you know that besides the world’s most famous motor racing events, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix and the Rallye Monte Carlo, from which starts each year the season of FIA World Rally Championship, also features a multi-day electric car rally in Monaco?

Is there place for dogs and other pets in this densely populated urban environment? And if so, how many live here?

That’s all we tried to find out when we met Jacques Pastor, the Monaco and Monegasque DNA holder.

Hello Jacques!
You just finished another Monte Carlo e-rally with the Monaco City Government team, Daghe Múnegu. How did the rally go for you and are you happy with the result?
We could have done better. A speed error in a limited area made us lose the rally while we were leading with the points.

I am nevertheless very happy to participate actively in the ecological approach of the Principality and the Town Hall of Monaco by proving that electric vehicles are today capable of performing over long distances in normal use, or even beyond.

You are the Deputy Mayor of Monaco. Sports and youth is one of the things you have to curate. Is my knowledge correct? And are there other areas that you have to curate?
Within the Municipal Council of Monaco City Council I am particularly in charge of Heritage and Traditions but also Sports and Associations. These are areas that particularly hold me because it is part of the DNA of our country and its residents. 

It also allows me to meet many passionate and dedicated people who work for the honour and quality of life in Monaco. 

Beyond these delegations I am obviously involved in all the decisions taken by the Communal Council in the field of Animation, Social, Living Environment and Sustainable Development, but also the Culture. 

I have known you for over three years and your activity is enormous. I see and meet you all the time in different events, from big national holidays to various sports and entertainment events. Do you have an overview of the number of activities and events you take part in during the year?

I am always very happy to answer the many and varied invitations that are addressed to me. I find it quite normal to go to encourage and thank the people who work for our country, it is the very least of things that I can do.

Monaco’s events calendar is famous and legendary. Red Cross Ball in August and Rose Ball in March. ATP Monte Carlo Tennis Masters, Super Car Show Top Marques, International Horse Jumping Show, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monaco Yacht Show are just small part of the glamorous events calendar in this fairytale country.

What were the most interesting events for you in 2019?

It is very difficult to highlight one event over another. We are fortunate to live in a country where something happens every day and even several things every day.

The different events affect very different areas: sports, recreation but also traditions, economy, humanitarian, environment. It is impossible to have a preference! 

What I can say is that for me sports, traditions and of course charitable actions are very important.

Pastor von DeWahl-Sivers Monaco Yacht Club White Shepherd BTWW Escobar

It may seem unbelievable that in such a small area it is still possible to organize such large international events on such a tight schedule and at such a scale. I can confirm from personal experience that it is possible.

And besides this, nowhere in the world have I seen such a smooth logistical arrangement during major events, order and cleanliness as in Monaco.

Being in Formula 1 Grand Prix for the first time many years ago, my biggest and most amazing experience was the logistical organization of this 4 day event.

Imagine formulas speeding down the streets of downtown and a crowd of fans gathered to watch it all over the world!

And there is no confusion, no disorder, and normal traffic in the entire city is just a few hours after the event. All this is so admirable and unbelievable!
Now in my fourth year living here, I take the logistical and organizational wonders of all these world-class events as natural.

With the realization that of course wonders are possible like in a fairy tale, because it’s Monaco!

Only here you can see the downtown marina hike up in just a few days to a big sandy arena for horse jumping. The entire harbour is filled with world-class equestrian athletes and their gorgeous horses whose performance can be watched while sitting alongside Bill Gates and Bruce Springsteen.

Or, by driving early in the morning to a helicopter port near downtown to fly to Nice, you’ll be greeted by elephants. They joyfully lift their glutes over my eyes and face full of wonder. Letting me know that another Monte Carlo International Circus Festival is underway.

When I get back to the town the next day, everything is gone as if nothing had happened. You squeeze your eyes hard and then open it, and if you don’t see anything about it until a day ago, you wonder if it was all real or you just imagined it all. Such a place is Monaco!

Everything in Monaco is only hundreds of meters distance within 5 kilometers from one end of the country to the other. Events and wonderful things appear like magic, take place, and then disappear in a moment to give way to the next wonderful events. All like in a fairy tale!

Jaques Pastor is one of those men whose work and activities make it possible for this real-life fairy tale called Monaco to work so unbelievably smoothly with all its wonderful events and activities.

I know that in addition to your work responsibilities and your participation in events, you are very active in your various hobbies and I know these are very athletic like alpine skiing and motorbiking. Please tell our readers about your hobbies.

That’s right, I have the chance to live my passions in Monaco: Alpine skiing, which is also my job, within the Monegasque Ski Federation as technical director. The bike, at the Harley Davidson Club of Monaco, participating in various activities of the club. But also other opportunities such as hiking, sailing, diving and so on, because we live in a country blessed gods that allow us to enjoy all seasons of “Mother Nature.”

Do you have a dog or some other pet?

Unfortunately, the many travels and displacements prevent me from having a dog that I could not take with me everywhere. 

I had a great cat, “Licou”, so endearing that when he disappeared, I did not have the heart to replace him.

Monaco, despite being the most densely populated city in the world, has a lot of dogs and other pets. Do you have any idea how many dogs and cats live in Monaco? And how Monaco has enabled people to live with pets in such densely populated city like Monaco?
I do not know precisely the number of dogs and cats in the Principality, however following the 2016 census we know that about 15% of homes have at least one dog and 10% a cat and about 3% an animal other than dog and cat, which makes a total of more than 20% of households with at least one animal.

The animals are loved in the Principality and the number of homes with a pet is good. Several associations supported by the Monaco City Council through subsidies have the mission to protect animals.

In spite of the world’s densest population, Monaco is the cleanest and most orderly country in the world and only Singapore would have some compare. How this is achieved?
Are these government or city hall regulations, or is the people awareness very high?
It should be noted, as you specify, that we live in a city with a high density, so residents walk their dogs in town. Despite this, the streets are clean and it is thanks to the civism of the masters who collect the dog excrement. The Monegasque Society of Sanitation having set up all over the city adapted bag dispensers. 

Beyond the dog owners, in general, it is true that the population is sensitive to the cleanliness of the streets, it is one of the components of our quality of life but also the attractiveness of the Principality.

I’ve always seen you in a very good mood and full of energy, you do a lot of things and you get a lot. How much sports and physical activity fit into your daily schedule?
With age, we go to bed early and get up early! 

Also, I try to book the first part of the day to practice daily physical activity such as swimming, aqua biking, or walking. 

I also move as often as possible by bike or electric bike, it’s also a question of age.

Looking at you, I always have the impression that you are a happy person. What are the values you need to live a happy life?

It is true, I am happy to live in such a beautiful country with great people.

I have my loving family. Parents who transmitted me the essential values, friendship, fraternity, kindness and honesty.

And opportunities for work and political commitment that make me appreciate day after day the chance I have thanks to the benevolence of Our Prince and his family who look after us all.

So, no reason not to be happy!

Thank you Jacques and we wish you Joy and Success in all your activities !  We are very excited to open the Christmas month with Your interview.

Thank You !

Pastor von DeWahl-Sivers Monaco Monte-Carlo Yacht Club White Shepherd BTWW Escobar

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