High Drive West German Shepherd Working Line Litter NY 

High Drive West German Shepherd Working Line Litter NY. Pregnancy confirmed! High drive solid temperament West German Working Line pups expected 3-10-2020.

Pups will be best suited for active sport/companion homes. Both parents imported and on premises, IPO3 / IGP3. Both “V” rated.

Sire: Chacco vom Rhoner Hof IGP3 A97-B96-C96 “V”rated KKl

Chacco is a big powerful protective stud with over the top drives. He is V rated and breed surveyed in Germany with the highest recommendation for breeding. He is naturally protective and loyal and is at the top of the standard in size with a large blocky head. While he is a big boy, he is extremely fast and athletic with quick strikes and a bone crushing grip. Chacco has very sound nerves.

Chacco : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRdkgNKCWK4

Dam: Sexy vom Haus Cismar IPO3 A94-B90-C-96 “V” rated (AKA Sasha)

Sasha is a large female at the top of the standard (60cm) with a masculine head. She is very agile with an incredible nose. She is also naturally protective and loyal to her owner. She is an excellent mother who produces large boned puppies. Sasha is very clear headed and social.

Contact: Eddie at Nypiper127@aol.com 646-770-4447


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