Warning: Hot Asphalt is Dangerous for Dogs & Burn Paws

Hot Asphalt is Dangerous for Dogs and Can Burn Dogs Feet

Not everyone is happy about the current hot temperatures. And that includes the best friend of man: The Dog. The summer heat can turn asphalt into a paw-burning torture. When a dog walks on hot asphalt, he can burn his feet! Hot asphalt is dangerous for dogs and can burn dogs feet. Zurich Police specialists in the dogs competence center therefore have a special focus of the well-being of the four-legged friends. Police in Zurich have launched a campaign to encourage dog owners to protect their pets’ paws from the searing asphalt of high summer. “When a dog walks on hot asphalt, he can burn his feet – just like a human walking barefoot,” explained Zurich Police Spokesman Michael Walker. Like everywhere in Europe also Switzerland has seen record temperatures during a prolonged heatwave this summer. An air temperature of 30°C (86°F) can feel like 50-55°C (122-131°F) on the ground. We recommend the simple 5-second rule: Place your hand for five seconds on the asphalt. If it’s too hot for the hand, then it’s too hot for a paw. Small dogs should then be carried, and larger ones should wear special protective booties, are Police officers from Zurich’s canine unit explaining to dog owners. Hot asphalt is dangerous for dogs and can burn paws. Protective dog boots are also worn by police dogs investigating break-ins, where there might be broken glass or other sharp hazards on the ground. At the same time, the shoes protect car seats when a sniffer dog has to inspect a vehicle. Police is also reminding pet owners about the importance of providing enough drinking water and the dangers of leaving an animal in a vehicle on a hot day. Temperature Air and Asphalt in Summer Source: Zurich City Police SRF/swissinfo.ch/sm   More News https://petworldglobal.com

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