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How to Advertise Stud Dog Successfully – 8 Steps

How to advertise dog as a stud dog? Where to advertise a stud dog? When you have a highly performing pedigree dog, a male, which you think might be good to become a stud dog or maybe he is already a proven stud dog with proven offspring then one of the important questions arise is how to promote my stud dog to get more offspring.

The truth is, that only those stud dogs, that are well known and owners promote a lot get mating. Because people buy, what they see, when they don’t see the dog, they can’t make also the decision to select him as a stud dog for their bitch.

We have seen several times when a hardworking stud dog owner, with less then an average stud dog, has promoted the dog so much that the stud dog was widely used in the breeding giving a lot of low quality poor offspring. At the same time some extremely good specimens, where breeders did not think promoting a stud dog is right thing to do, were used only few times and did not have the possibility to make an impact on the breed. As you can understand, this is not, what we want for our breeds. This is one of the reasons why the quality of the breeds is dropping.

As that said, this article is about how to advertise a stud dog who is a registered full breed high quality pedigree dog and has something to add to the breed. And we really want to get his genes and name to go forward, adding value to the breed giving positive impact and to print their name in history.

How to Advertise Stud Dog Successfully in 8 Steps

In today’s pure bred pedigree dog world the stud dog owner must understand that bitch owners select the stud dog for mating, and not the other way around. There is no point adding the announcements that you want a bitch for your stud dog or contacting the breeders to offer your male for stud. It simply does not work.

Prerequisites, so that bitch owner would consider stud dog to be worthy of mating are stud dog results and proofs.

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Following are the steps what you need to do and in which order, when you want to promote your stud dog.

1 – Advertise Stud Dog Health Test Results

Promoting your stud dog health tests are prerequisites to get matings to your male! And when you write your announcement in whichever platform you want to advertise your stud dog, add always all the health test results that prove your male is mate worthy.

First of all, in order a bitch owner would ever choose your male are needed proven health test results. Proving that your stud dog is healthy from every point of view. However, some breeds have mandatory health testing, but at the same time some other breeds don’t have health tests needed, and it varies also country by country.

Some breeds are loosening the requirements, others are tightening, but that’s not the story to discuss here today. What matters in case of advertising a stud dog, is that you make all the needed health test results, hip and elbow dysplasy test, different genetic tests used in your breed and today also deposing DNA is very popular and adds value to the stud dog.

In case, your male is not healthy enough to be bred, please, drop the idea of promoting him as a stud dog, he simply is not the breeding quality and it would be better idea to concentrate more on getting fame from the dog sports or dog shows whichever pleases you more.

2 – Advertise Stud Dog Results – Competitions, Dog Shows, Dog Sports, Trials…

Sports and Dogs - How to Advertise Stud Dog Successfully
Sports and Dogs – How to Advertise Stud Dog Successfully!

When advertising your stud dog, promote all the results your dog has in the stud dog announcement. Everything that shows that your dog is proven to be a great specimen of the breed.

Some breeds have breeding control, in order to allow dogs into breeding and to have the option to register the puppies at all. Some other breeds don’t have any breeding control mandatory.

In any case, start from the basics and don’t stop, but keep making results with your stud dog. The more results your dog has got, the more value he adds to the breed as a stud, not really, but that is how it is in the people minds and this is what we are actually right now talking about.

Make results with your dog. Go to dog shows, get good description from the highly valued judges. Become involved with dog sports. Select you suitable and interesting sport whether it is an Agility or Canicross or Obedience or Tracking or Protection sport. Choose something which you like and suits for your dog and get involved. The results come when you train enough.

Or maybe you have a real life working dog? Hunting dog, police dog or military dog which is a real value in these days. Tell about it loudly and you will get advantage in front of those that are only performing in dog sports.

You can use for promoting also your dogs parents results, in case they are working dogs, or highly involved with dog sports and with great results. Even if that does not actully show your dog quality it might help. Adding there also your dog results will be superb.

3 – Advertise Stud Dog in Pictures and Video

Make pictures of your stud dog! From the front, from the head and from the side when stacked. And make pictures of your stud dog in different environments.

Make videos of your dog, in what he does. Mostly we, the breeders, want to see the dog performing in these videos and see the dogs characteristics. Anything that is not seen from the pictures. Videos are mostly used in working dog breeds to show our dogs performance in the trainings and competitions. And these have proven to be really helpful.

But in some breeds also sociability and open character can be shown in a video. In some working breeds, for example, is important to see that the dog can behave well also in social environment, and in some other breeds that the dog has no problems with environment and people.

Basically, make the video of everything you think is important or cool, yes “Cool”, don’t forget the WOW factor, the X-factor! And add these videos in the stud dog announcement.

4 – Advertise Stud Dog Offspring

When your male has got offspring earlier, add it certainly to the advertisement! In case your male has already got offspring you must not forget to mention it. Add to the announcement all the information about the stud dog offspring and their results, stud dog offspring health test results, show results, sports results and include also pictures and videos. Everything that can present the quality of the offspring that your stud dog produces.

This is actually the most important thing in a stud dog. What the stud dog gives forward. The results are not inherited, results only give the predisposition. Some dogs are breeding dogs that give excellent offspring and some are simply not. Sometimes the best stud dogs are not the most famous and performing dogs but instead their brothers or close relatives, but only the offspring performance can prove it. Take your chance.

5 – Where Can I Advertise My Dog for Stud

When you have already done all the before mentioned, your stud dog probably already has had some matings. But to make him a well known stud dog your job is to advertise him and promote a lot.

You need to advertise everywhere, to be everywhere. Find all the portals where you can list your stud dog, make profiles for your dog, make homepage for your dog, post in Facebook, post in Instagram, post in TikTok and always use the breed specific hashtags. Simply, be everywhere!

Update dog breeders of your stud dog results, health results, training results, dog show results and offspring results. Whenever you have some good news about your stud dog let the dog breeders to know about it.

6 – Advertise Your Stud Dog Homepage

With the internet evolution and social media growth people have forgot to have homepage because they think it is no longer needed. They think a profile in a Social media platform is enough…

Well, without homepage you are basically nothing of importance. You are simply one of the millions trying to compete with each other for the attention.

Your most important thing is your dog homepage!

Have a simple homepage where is listed all the information about your stud dog without any additional distractions.

Your stud dog homepage, is like Your Stud Dog “Business Card” which promotes your stud dog.

7 – Advertise Your Stud Dog in Social Media

Love is in the Air - How to Advertise Stud Dog Successfully
Love is in the Air – How to Advertise Stud Dog Successfully!

Promote in the Social media using the breed specific hashtags in Instagram, and make sure your contacts in Facebook are the breeders that could use your male.

Unfortunately, social is not performing anymore as well as it used to be and most of the outcome from the Social Media is really low quality. In order to get expected results you must be specifically only focused on achieving this one thing – promoting your stud dog.

Social Media is useful only to make hype and promote your brand, but not much about getting bitches to your stud dog. Because bitch owners that are looking for a stud dog don’t rely on Instagram posts.

But you can successfully post your dogs results, pictures and videos in Facebook in order to grab attention, which makes breeders to be curious to investigate more about your stud dog. And when you are everywhere… you know yourself what it means… it means social proof and your stud dog might have a new mating.

8 – Advertise in Stud Dog Directories

Join all possible dog specific portals and forums where it is possible to promote your stud dog. And add your stud dog profile in stud dog directory with all the information about your stud dog and results and that he is available for the mating.

This is probably the most important place to be in order to be found by dog breeders which you are not able to reach through social media. Especially important would be to list your stud dog in your dog breed specific portals, forums and kennel clubs. When you have a sport dog then in this specific dog sport portal and on your dog sports club page.

We, breeders, usually, either mate our bitch with a promising stud dog we know already from the real life or we go to the breed portals to search for the male. We search through all the places we know stud dogs are listed, and then contact with the owners of the stud dogs we like in order to proceed with investigation and start a discussion.

And dog specific portals, forums and breed specific clubs are definitely the best online sites to advertise stud dog for artificial insemination.

To be honest, for a breeder, to find a good stud dog is very difficult! And we appreciate when you have your stud dog information easily available so we can find him. And the more you take time to title your stud dog the more we like your dog.

We may or may not to use your stud dog, because the decision is made based on the female we want to breed and what we are looking for in a stud dog. But in order to breed better dogs we must have information available to find the best possible stud dog for mating.

This all said, we are happy to see you here!

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