How to Help Dogs with Fireworks in New Years Eve 2020

How to Help Dogs with Fireworks in New Years Eve 2020

How to Help Dogs with Fireworks in New Years Eve 2020


How to Help Dogs with Fireworks in New Years Eve 2020

How to Help Your Dog during New Years Eve Fireworks

Many dogs are afraid of fireworks and owners should help them getting through the fireworks without too much stress. I was asked to write a helping article about this subject and what owners can do to help their dogs. So I share my experience how to help dogs with fireworks. I myself am lucky enough to have dogs that are not afraid of fireworks or thunder, but that has not always been the case. This has come through selective breeding and several generations, that I have now fireworks safe dogs. Not all dogs are afraid of fireworks. As a matter of fact mot of the dogs I know have no problem neither with thunder nor with fireworks. But that’s not the case with all dogs. There are many dogs who are terrified of fireworks and also of thunder and all other possible louder noises. I still remember the time when we were out together with our dogs watching fireworks and when it ended i found out that one of my dogs was lost. After a search I found her sitting on top of a roof where she had climbed over a some meters height wooden wall. She must have had an enormous fright to succeed in that one. As our family likes fireworks and we also ourselves make fireworks in new Years Eve it is very important for me that my dogs would handle it well. There are many ways you can make the dog feel comfortable during fireworks.

Main reasons why dogs are afraid of fireworks

is that

Dogs are afraid of unknown

Fireworks present threat as it comes without warning and the sudden loud strange noise makes dogs to feel vulnerable and their survival instinct tells them to escape from the threat and to run for their lives. When during thunderstorm dogs quite often search for a place to hide, then fireworks are long lasting and usually the final is with the loudest and strongest noise in the end and dogs run for their lives to not get killed. That’s why dogs are afraid of fireworks. To make the New Years Eve easier for dogs, for all dogs, following things would help

How to calm dogs during fireworks

Dogs feel safer in pack

Dogs are pack animals and when they can be together with their own pack who are cheerful, feel good and are not afraid, the New Years Eve becomes much much easier for them. Dog who lives in a family, his pack has become the family, it’s own humans. Take the dog with you and do not leave him somewhere alone with his fright. Then he feels safer.

Dogs feel safer inside with his humans

The further from the fireworks noise the easier for the dogs. I always took my dogs in the house when we were celebrating New Years Eve. Never left out alone. The worst thing you can do is to leave the dog alone outside. Take him inside with you and he knows you are there to help you in case needed. Then he feels safer.

Dogs feel safer when people are cheerful

Dogs are very dependable of their owner moods. When his pack is in good mood, he is in good mood. Worst you can do is to start worrying about your dog feelings and if he is afraid of fireworks. If dog feels you are worried he will panic, because you, his strongest master is afraid, which means the World must be ending. Be cheerful, tell your dog to be cheerful and teach your dog to enjoy the New Years Eve!

Dogs feel safer when music is louder then fireworks

Dogs hearing is much more sensitive then humans. Dogs can hear sound up to four times farther than us humans and in frequencies ranging from around 40 Hz to 60 kHz but humans can hear in frequencies ranging from 12 Hz to 20 kHz. Big loud booming and whistling fireworks is very difficult to bear for dogs nervous system. When you are inside in a room where people are loudly celebrating the New Years Eve with loud music, how strange it can sound, but dogs feel easier, because the loudness masks the fireworks sound.

Enjoy Your New Years Eve together with your Dog

It has always helped my dogs who had problems with fireworks when dogs have celebrated the New Years Eve together with us inside together with the family. We have always had cheerful people and loud noise in the room and of course nice treats for the dog. Even being a bit anxious they have always been cheerful just a bit higher adrenaline. Celebrating the New Years Eve together with your dog inside is the best thing you can do with your beloved dog. PS. In case your dog is afraid of fireworks I would suggest to keep your dog on leash while walking him two weeks before New Years Eve and two weeks after. Just in case someone has a little early or late fireworks party.

Enjoy New Years Eve with your Dog!

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