How to motivate yourself to wake up in the morning

Waking up in the morning can be tough in the best moments, but waking up in the morning when you don’t have a job to go or a commuter train to chase can be harder than usual. In addition, how do you motivate yourself to wake up when the world looks so scary today?

“Your mindset will be key here, because reflection and goal setting can help manage how we react to, and feel about the coronavirus spread,” said David Brudö, CEO and one of the founders of the mental welfare and personal development application of Remente.

He suggests you start by setting some goals the night before. “When setting goals for the day, don’t make broad, broad statements. Take each task and sort them into manageable sections.

“If your main goal is to cook food in batches, for example, set your own mini-target in that task. You may need to source the ingredients, then cut the vegetables, then divide into sections, and so on.  ”

Furthermore, you can maintain mental health and motivation by creating journals. This can help you recognize your day of what it is and help avoid the temptation to waste time without doing anything.

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How to motivate yourself to wake up in the morning

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