Kaspar von Tronje Son for Sale – VA2 BSZS 2018 IPO3

Name: Kruz Naissus Berg
Father: VA2 BSZS 2018 Kaspar von Tronje IPO3
Mother: SG1 Germany 2018 Jura Latmon IPO1
For mother all done in Germany. Her SZ number 2329781, JR number 753028, Chip number 981189900081679 and all information you can check in Germany, winSiS information

Excellent perspective puppy for exhibitions, work and breeding. Excellent constitution and color. He has received all the vaccines and has an export pedigree. Socialized and living in a family with children and other animals. Top-level parents who have proven their qualities in exhibitions and exams in Germany. Puppy is ready for new owner and transport.

Breeder and owner: kennel Naissus Berg – Igor Petkovic

Direct contact: kennel Naissus Berg – Igor Petkovic

Location: Serbia

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