Kelpie Record Price – $22,000 Paid for a Herding Dog Glencairn Seven

Kelpie Record Price – $22,000 Paid for a Herding Dog
“Glencairn Seven” – Working Dog Breeds – Kelpie

Kelpie Record Price – $22,000 Paid for a Herding Dog “Glencairn Seven” – Working Dog Breeds – Kelpie

A man has spent a whopping $22,200 on a two-year-old dog from Australia, breaking the previous record. The Kelpie farm dog, named Glencairn Seven, was bought at a dog auction in Sydney’s southwest in October last year.

The previous record for a working dog was $14,000, set in March this year, but that was shown at the Jerilderie in NSW.

In 2016, the Daily Mail reported that the price had also passed the $20,000 mark and a second dog with its owner, Stockman Jamie Partridge, broke the $16,500 mark. Karen Stephens said the prices reflected high demand for working dogs at the Jerilderie in Glencairn as well as at other working dog breeders in the region.

Buying the Glencairn Seven for $22,200 is the record price for a kelpie in Australia. Glenelg Shire Council reported that auctions in 2018 reached a record $261,000 for 64 dogs.

The Herding Group includes breeds designed to transport livestock, including sheep, cattle and even reindeer. The peacock also shares the ability of the seven to gather sheep for their training, as well as their love of dogs.

Shepherds work closely with their human shepherds, and their natural intelligence and responsiveness make them highly trainable. The high level of energy in the breeds of the Herding Group means that it is advisable to find a job for them, and some of them have started to look after children at home. Today, working dog breeds are usually trained for the dog sport, as well as for police, military and law enforcement.

For many farmers, using dogs to herd sheep makes economic sense, and in a typical grazing environment, a trained shepherd takes over the work of three people. They still use their great energy and herd instinct to look after sheep, but they do so much more efficiently than their human counterparts.

Video of the auction:

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