Lemur Gangs Are Ruthless! | Love Nature

Ring-tailed lemur gangs are ruthless and dramatic; there are full of power struggles and politics! Our very own Production & Social Media Coordinator, Jolene brings us through the drama of Berenty reserve in southern Madagascar and reacts to her favorite scenes along the way! The reserve is home to 1,000 ring-tailed lemurs which is half the world’s wild population. In one corner of the reserve live three of the strongest lemur gangs, that battle for supremacy over land and resources; each led by a queen. As the troop Queens look to appease allies and bully adversaries, they have bigger problems – as their world shrinks, sending them to the brink of extinction, this next generation represents the future of lemur-kind​. After watching this commentary video of Gangs of Lemur Island with Jolene Foliage, what do you think of all the lemur gangs? Which lemur gang would you be a part of? Leave your comment below! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/LoveNatureYT Make sure to also subscribe to our other socials: Facebook: http://bit.ly/LoveNatureFB Instagram: http://bit.ly/LoveNatureIG Twitter: http://bit.ly/LNTwitter2 #gangsoflemurisland #lemur #animals Source

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