Lewis Hamilton versus Sebastien Ogier Who Will Win

Lewis Hamilton versus Sebastien Ogier Who Will Win

In the FIA’s two most famous race series – Formula One and WRC – the interesting situation has arisen. Both of the race have a pilot with 6 world championship titles and both men go on to hunt for their seventh title this season.

Will they win the seventh title? And who will be the first to become the seven-time world champion – is it Lewis Hamilton from Toto Wolff-led Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team pilot or Sebastien Ogier, from WRC Toyota Gazoo Racing Team lead by rally legend and fourth time World Rally Champion Tommi Mäkinen?
That’s what BTWW’s dogs – Vesuvius and Che Guevara – were trying to find out.

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How!? By their own fun way of course…
Sebastien Ogier has already started his season at the end of January at the Rallye Monte Carlo from which starts the WRC season every year. Ogier, who has won iconic Rallye Monte Carlo for six consecutive years, finished second in this year’s rally. Although his six-year winning streak was interrupted, Ogier, who changed team and made the first-ever race with Toyota team car, showed he is ready to fight and obviously one of the main players on the game for a champion title.

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Of course, it is interesting to see what result Hamilton will give on the table in this comparison with the start of the season?!
Today, after our usual walk with dogs sportanddogs.com decided to play BTWW-Born To Win Warrior dog betting game: Lewis Hamilton versus Sebastien Ogier.
We decided to draw a lottery to determine Hamilton and the Ogier team and to determine the winner by a ball match that we call ” the muzzle ball”.

The rules of the game are simple: the player who gets the ball after the referee drops the ball on the playground and can hold it for ten seconds continuously without leaving the boundaries of the playground will get one point.
By the will of the lottery Che Guevara represented the Hamilton team and Ogier team representer was Vesuvius.

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The regular game of 10 minutes ended with an 8:8 draw between Ogier and the Hamilton team.

This was, of course, an intriguing result. It was only later that I started to think that maybe it meant that both men would win!  But at that point, it was necessary to find out the winner and we had to come up with something fast.

The rules of the subsequent game were very simple. We take two team shirts. The white Mercedes shirt and the red Toyota shirt, originally intended for use in the muzzle ball game, but since the shirts turned out to be a bit big for dogs, we dropped that idea. Now both shirts have found the right use. We decided to let the dogs make their predict pick using shirts. Both shirts were previously washed using the same washing powder and the same washing machine. So everything about the shirts turned out to be on the same basis. Only in different colours.

BTWW Vesuvius was so confident in her favourite and her choice that she managed to hit my hand pretty hard when she made the rush to choose. She must be somehow very impressed by Hamilton! BTWW Che Guevara was very calm and thoughtful in his choice and seemed to be even analytical. Eventually, however, he chose Hamilton even though he had already grabbed the Ogier team shirt. But something made him change his mind. Whatever it was, the last minute incoming information, changes in the second half of the season he believes can happen or something else, unfortunately, remains a mystery to us. Anyway, Che Guevara did not share it with us in a way we understood.

The result was by both dogs choice that it will be Lewis Hamilton who gets first the 7th World Champion Title!

Toyota WRC team chief Tommi Mäkinen and Mercedes Formula One team pilot Lewis Hamilton are known to be great dog friends and dog owners. I wonder what result their dogs would predict? Hopefully, we’ll find out.

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We are also interested in what outcome your dogs would predict (and who is right about it at the end of the season).

Do it with your dog in company with your friends and their dogs.

And you can create your game of how your dog will make prediction pick.

Believe me – all dogs find it very cool and would definitely like to become betting professionals!

If you happen to be a particularly fanatical fan of Hamilton or Ogier, and you think he is the coolest person on the planet, then surely the most exciting moments in your life will be when Lewis or Sebastien would step in the door and say, “I’d really like to do something cool with you, let’s go, my friend?”

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OMG, what would you feel at that moment?  You would like to do ten different things at the same time to express your joy and happiness. Jump, scream, sing, do a somersault…

Maybe you have repeatedly imagined yourself in your idol’s body and thinking about how to be a superstar like him.

Know that this is real! You already are! Yes, I’m talking about you!

For your dog, you are the most famous and coolest person on the planet Earth. You already are his or her idol and superstar. All the feelings I wrote earlier overwhelm your dog when you show up and announce that you want to do something cool with him/her.

You don’t need alcohol, Xanax or other drugs to be happy!  Get high for being a superstar who’s spending time with your most fanatic fan! Go and do cool things together with your dog and of course let us know about the results because it’s just natural part of a superstar’s life. The media looks forward and enjoys and admires your actions. We live for you. Plus, sure that Lewis, Sebastien, Toto and Tommi will say that you are really cool spending your time this way!

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And when you like the Valentines Day, that feeling to know how much someone cares and loves you, then remember and think about that is so easy to turn every day in the calendar in your new superstar life to real Valentines Day for your biggest fan – Your Dog!
Make a video as well as a photo result for your prediction picking game and post the link:

Add your video here

Between all participants, sportanddogs.com will draw special prizes on the end of 2020 season related to both pilots and their teams and to Monaco.

The best video will also be selected by people’s vote.

There is only one rule for participating: The video must be made with your phone camera that everyone has an equal chance (as sample the all this story from start to the end wrote, edit and uploaded by using iPhone)
But now go and have fun and Happy Valentines Day ️

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