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Loyal Dog Run 300km on Broken Legs to Find the Woman who Saved Her Life

Loyal Dog Run 300km on Broken Legs to Find the Woman who Saved Her Life

Loyal Dog Run 300km on Broken Legs to Find the Woman who Saved Her Life

This story happened few years ago but it is totally worth resharing! Loyal Dog Run 300km on Broken Legs to Find the Woman who Saved Her Life

There are legends about dog loyalty. But from the story that occurred in Rostov, Russia will goose bumps run over the skin. An ordinary mongrel overcame three hundred (!) kilometers in order to return to the person that once saved her, taught her to walk again, live and not fear people so much.

Small, with a figure of a teenager and huge gray eyes, Nina Baranovskaya works as an ordinary car washer. Colleagues and neighbors know the 26-year-old young mother, first of all, as a “dogmaid”. Rostovka constantly worn with four-legged pets, speaks about them and frankly does not understand – how can anyone not love animals?

Nina considers them her family: once in her mom’s house, they lived with their daughter Masha, three cats, of small size, a mongrel and Labrador Katie. The last Nina was forced to take because of the “good” people who played with the puppy till it was enough for them and then offered – they say, throw it away anyway. Soon in this hospitable house another household appeared.

Loyal Dog Run 300km on Broken Legs to Find the Woman who Saved Her Life

“It was winter,” recalls Nina. In the vicinity of Chaltyr, which is the name of the Armenian village near Rostov, is a pit, which the locals call “dying”. There, as ordinary garbage, they simply take and throw away beasts – old and sick, weak and exhausted. And the one that fell ill, and the one that just died. A kind of garbage pit, from which sometimes a prolonged howl is heard – not that of pain, or of resentment.

But, as it turned out, not everyone can get past this. On one of the January days, a local discovered a freezing animal, with piercing black beady eyes. The dog could not even stand up, only quietly whined, seeing the people. The compassionate spouses did what they could: they besieged the animal with one and a half warm water and covered the rug that was in the car. And after they threw an announcement on the Internet: that someone would come to help to pick the dog up. Rostov animal rescue saw the cry for help.

Black dog managed to get out of the stinking grave. It turned out that the dog had a collar footprint and a lot of wounds on his neck. Most likely, the dog was hit by a car. And the former owners did not bother to treat her, but simply took it and threw it into the dustbin, as an unnecessary thing, in the cold, to die. When leaving, the animal resquer asked the villager: what would be “black” in their language? He shrugged and said that in Georgian it was shavi. So the dog was named Shavi.

It was already night outside when the guys loaded the half-dead dog into the car and drove around the clock hospitals. None of the doctors wanted to help for free. Only one veterinarians agreed to make a decent discount on the operation: the mongrel had a lot of hematomas, lacerated wounds and both hind legs were broken. So that the animal could at least walk in theory, they inserted iron pins into them.

“That day they brought her to me,” Nina continues through tears. “When we slowly washed it from dirt, it turned out to be like a black fox. The dog looked about a year old. I will never forget the day when, after anesthesia she saw me. She raised exhausted eyes and timidly licked my hand. I was already struck by how cultural it was.

On the very first day, Shavi crawled out into the courtyard in order to do his business not on a sheet, but on the street. And it is on broken (!) legs, actually through hellish pain. I returned and saw her on the threshold of the house, where she lay unable to just get up.”

Nina and Shavi learned to walk again. A young woman took baby diaper, wrapped it under the dog’s belly and lifted the dog up. So the first steps were made. Shavi was very smart, sweet and kind dog. Easy to understand the team and studied with interest.

Ninas daughter, five-year-old Masha, immediately fell in love with Shavi. She read her fairy tales, made a toy table and quietly said “my dog”. Guests, learning about the history of miraculous salvation and human indifference, sincerely sympathized with the dog. So she became a home favorite.

In the village she felt good. She quickly went on the mend: she was running around the yard like mad, she was friends with cats and dogs, but she was still afraid of strangers to the horror. The second genuine fear was cars.

When Shavi finally recovered after six months, Nina began to look for a new home for her. It was not possible to retain it where, in fact, already three cats and two dogs lived. But in Rostov and its environs there were no people willing to take the dog. Through acquaintances, were found acquaintances willing to give Shavi the forever home in the village of Boguchary – about 300 kilometers from Ninas home, in the Voronezh region.

“It’s a pity, of course, it was,” Nina shrugs. But at that time I still lived with my mother, the salary was not so good, and it was not easy to feed such a bunch of animals. Moreover, I thought that in the village she would be better off – a private house, fresh and clean air. People are good. They liked Shavi very much. And we said goodbye.

But, as it turned out, the Rostov pooch did not take root in the new house. She survived, refused to eat, whined and spent hours looking at the gate as if waiting for the door to open now and they would enter Nina and little Masha, and everything will be as before.

A few days later, the new owners, returning home from the store found a completely empty booth. Shavi had fled. She managed to get off the chain, made a tunnel and ran away. Looking for her all the village they thought – well, where will it go, run around the district, will not find anyone and will return. But Shavi never returned.

When Shavi moved to the new owners, the life of Nina went on as usual. And suddenly one day, walking down the street, Nina felt that someone was pushing her in the leg.

“I turn, she sits at all powerless. Just sitting, not moving, nothing”. She has tears. Look: my dog. I have tears, – quotes Nina Baranovsky NTV.

“Would you give such a dog? A dog that has come this way?”

Now Shavi lives with Nina. Two weeks before Shavis arrival Nina got her own living place and now could keep Shavi.

Indeed, the path of Shavi was not easy. It is not known how many days the dog has run on broken legs to its rescuer. But the most amazing thing is that she was able to find Nina in a city with a million inhabitants, like this, on the street: after all, the woman moved away from the house where Shavi was nursed.

Now Shavi has already gone on the amendment, but she is still afraid of letting the hostess go even to work: what if she was left alone again, only this time forever…


Loyal Dog Run 300km on Broken Legs to Find the Woman who Saved Her Life


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