MALINOIS BITE Still Want A Malinois The Malinois Rescues are Overwhelmed

MALINOIS BITE – Still Want A Malinois? The Malinois Rescues are Overwhelmed!

MALINOIS BITE – Still Want A Malinois? The Malinois Rescues are Overwhelmed!

Forwarding: Stephanie OBrien Loucyn Malinois Story Hi. Guys…it’s me again. For those that need to hear it…. MALINOIS BITE! MALINOIS BITE MALINOIS BITE MALINOIS BITE.

No, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with them. They are bred this way.

No, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with them. They are bred this way. They do this from 5 weeks on. They also have lots of energy, are very reactive, very pushy and usually carry quite a bit of aggression. They are not known as ‘tolerant dogs’. They don’t care if that’s your kid’s toy. It’s theirs now. Piss off! They are not like German Shepherds. They are nothing like your Rottweiler you had years ago that you got to sit and stay. They are not Lassie. They are not Rin Tin Tin. Just stop with that. They jump like REALLY well. See all those cool videos online of them doing crazy parkour shit? See all those high walls they scale? Your stupid fenced in yard is a joke. I watch 5 month old Malinois puppies that can climb 6ft fences no problem. These are very athletic and agile dogs. There are reasons they are securely confined when not closely supervised by responsible owners. This is one.

I’m a professional trainer. I started out with other breeds first.

And here comes the ‘well, if they are so terrible than how come you have them?’ Well, guess what? I’m a professional trainer. My life revolves around training dogs. I literally eat, breath and sleep this stuff. Everyday. 24/7. It’s an obsession and a lifestyle. I have the need for a breed that matches that intensity. If I didn’t, you bet your ass I wouldn’t have Malinois. In fact, I started out with other breeds first. I went out to sport training clubs and was a dedicated member for years before I got a Malinois. I spent lots of time around the breed with professional trainers before getting my own.

Are you still romanticizing about getting a Malinois?

If you’re still romanticizing about getting your own Malinois after reading all this. Fine. Do it right. Don’t be a schmuck and just go out and get one from the first jerk drooling to sell your naive ass a BYB puppy. JOIN a training club. Spend LOTS of time around them. Learn how to actually train a dog using your brain instead of jerking it into a sit. Get a proper set up. Make sure you have several REPUTABLE breeders lined up. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Then take the plunge and hopefully enjoy the rewards of dedication and planning. Or don’t…because you found out this isn’t for you and you can’t commit. No shame in that.

The Malinois rescues are overwhelmed

The point here…don’t make a round peg try to fit in a square hole. Don’t make a selfish, uneducated decision because you are impulsive and don’t care if another living being suffers due to your crap choice at the time. The safety blanket for this breed is gone. Yes, that’s right. The Malinois rescues are overwhelmed. The shelters are getting owner surrender and stray Malinois left and right. They are now on the blacklist for many insurance companies and landlords. It’s not slowing down. Nobody will want your Malinois when you finally decide that maybe you made a mistake. So keep that in mind when admiring that pretty brown hero dog with the black mask. -Stephanie OBrien DOGenius Canine Education & Loucyn Malinois Go to News MALINOIS BITE - Still Want A Malinois? The Malinois Rescues

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  1. The dog pictured in the meme is owned by House of K9 in Porter Ok. Permission to use this photo i a meme was not given. Please either remove the photo or give credit to the owner and trainer of this wonderful dog. He is exceptionally trained and he has an out standing blood line. To learn more about training your malinois please visit House of K9 on facebook and Youtube. You can find outstanding traing videos as well as learn about their breeding program.

    1. Dear Amber,
      Thank you for your feedback. We have removed your picture and replaced with another one we have given the rights to use. PWG tries to follow users entries, but as the previous picture was publicly available everywhere as a meme there was no suspicion of violating copyrights.
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      PWG Team

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