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Mario Radosavljevic: Dog is a Wonder of Universe – Monaco Sport & Dogs

Mario Radosavljevic: Dog is a Wonder of Universe – Monaco Sport & Dogs

We live in the world that has to cope with problems, not only in the near future, but already now.

How successful we, as a human being, are able to handle this is not dependent on the views of individual politicians and small group of very well-known celebrities. This depends on how people think as a whole, how people view the world and how they behave.

Monaco is a very cosmopolitan place with a population of over a hundred different nations living in a very small area of just two square kilometers. Hard to find better place to get an idea of how different people from different continents and nations see the world and its problems.

Sport and Dogs has decided to interview people living in Monaco on topics that are important to us, to get an overview of how the world and people around the world see the issues and problems. We are delighted to speak today with Mario V. Radosavljevic, a former footballer Austrian – Serbian nationality, nowdays entrepreneur who currently lives in Monaco, Monte Carlo.

Hello Mario !

Sport and Dogs are happy to meet you.

Where were you born and how did you spend your childhood ?

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia 1973 and my parents went 3 months after my birth to Austria. I raised up in Vienna and I had a very good childhood thanks to my parents.

How did you get involved with sports ?

I grow up in a sports family where most of the family members were professionals. My passion was since I was 6 years old for Martial Arts but of course I played football too.

When I was 17 years old, I had another day in the park playing with the kids, and the national Austrian football coach Branko Elsner had a walk with his wife and saw me playing. After a while he came and asked me if I am interested in playing football for Austria Wien and so I said, sure why not. After a test training session in the Stadion, I signed a contract and my journey started.

What about your athletes path and highlight moments most important for you?

I was right away one of the best in the game as I had the right state of mind. I took sports very seriously, and so I was training twice a day before the club training started. No matter how cold or hot it was, I was on the field training every single day of the year. For me was always important to show myself what I am capable of. When over 30 guys in the Club want to play and only 11 can be on the field, you have guys sitting on your neck. This was no problem for me, in fact I enjoyed internal and external competition to the max.

What is most important what sport has given to you ? And how the sport shaped your views and philosophy of life ?

This is a very good question. Sports can lift you up or bring you totally down. Not on a private sector but on a professional level. You get judged after every workout, training or game and so it can happen very fast that you doubt yourself and you can’t escape this negative circle of thinking. If this happens, even the easiest things will not work which makes it even worse.

Martial Arts gave me the inner strength to believe in things were others think that you are crazy but fact is, everything starts from within, in your private life, business or in sports. If you don’t trust and believe yourself, how can you expect that other will trust and believe in you? That is not possible.

I was also adapting martial arts movement training to my football training and so my body was able to balance and move on a different level than a person that was playing football only. As I saw what I am able to do, my confidence skyrocket.

Discipline, passion and a 100% commitment to what you do, is necessary and will bring results you are looking for. Make no mistake, if you don’t change your inner being, no sports on the planet will help you achieve things or make you a better person. In fact, you can’t expect different results of yourself if you do every day the same.

Monaco Sport and Dogs - Dog is a Wonder of Universe

What has been your relationship with pets and animals during your childhood?

Since I was a kid, I raised up with a dog. My sister and I was taking care of it and to my opinion, it is a very big school for your character, because being responsible for another life is a very big thing. I purposely don’t say Animal, as to me it implements that a human is above any other animal which I think is a totally wrong view to the world. Nobody has ever given us the right to dominate other lifes, and I am fighting with all I have to change this stupid way of thinking. I always lived with dogs and this will not change, as I have the feeling something is missing in my life. A dog for me is a pure wonder of the Universe because, it is incredible how much true love they can give without asking for anything in return.

How is your relationship with pets and animals in your nowadays life ?

I am planning my complete day around my dogs. I try to have them all day long with me no matter where I go or what I do, except when I go to workout or the groceries. They sleep with me and my wife in our bed above the head, and so we get a very strong connection with them. I turn on 528hz music for us over the night and pump another big portion of good emotions and vibrations into our body cells. People would be amazed how different life with a dog is, when you don’t treat them like „just“ dogs. It looks like they understand you before you even say anything. Most of the guys don’t know, that dogs are very good at reading your face and your body language.

What are your hobbies and physical activity?

My hobbies are my wife and my dogs (laugh) but beside that, I love to educate myself and spending time with mutual friends with very similar interests and goals. It can’t be that we continue turning our heads away from all the suffering and injustice nowadays.

My physical activity is working out in the beautiful surroundings of Monaco and meditating several times a day for around 20 minutes per session. Beside I love to do several times a week Qi Gong and balance my inner state.

Mario V. Radosavljevic

How has started your entrepreneurial life ? What businesses you have at the moment?

My entrepreneurial life started 2008 in Germany when I founded LOMA. I wanted to create some fashion for high-end and sports cars and till today I am designing and producing custom forged wheels in the wheels industry.

Beside that I have also several other companies where I am part of or the owner. So AI and Robotics are playing a big role in my life and soon we will develop a Robotic Institute that will create high-end Engineers for this part of the industry.

These days I visit many times a year my Scottish Freemasons friends in Aberdeen (Lodge 1451) for business and friendship.

How and why did you decide to come to live in Monaco ?

In 2014, I was invited to come to Monza, Italy to the Lamborghini Super trofeo race by a very nice guy called Roberto Tanca and so we had to stop for a night in Monte Carlo before we continue our way. We felt in love with Monaco from the first moment. It is not only the unique surrounding you find here, it is the spirit that is incomparable to any other place in the world. You see all the luxury and achievements from Monaco’s residents and if you are an Entrepreneur, you simply must be fascinated and motivated what humans are capable off.

Look, there are many other wealthy places in the world, like the UK or Scotland for example, but you find here the Mediterranean character where people really most of the time have happy faces. I have to admit that Prince Albert of Monaco is for a person in his position, a true role model for others politicians. He is pushing green technology to the max and what he created here for all of us is simply mind-blowing. Personally, I don’t like to reduce Monaco only to the tax advantage or the Formula One GP, because as you know by yourself, we literally have every other week another event in Monaco which is another unique point. Living in Monaco means also, living in the safest area possible. Nowhere is more Police present than here, and this is a very good thing if you ask me.

What does mean the “real spirit of Monaco” for you?

The real spirit of Monaco for me is, to live like in a fairy tale. I mean, if you see what kind of change Monaco has been through, you simply must be amazed. A place where Entrepreneurs are living in one area and spreading through their energy positive vibes is to me the biggest motivator all day long.

Every person that is running a company will face hard times and by far harder times than any employee will see, as most of the time you have to be a kind of masochist to run an own business, right?

But it needs a simple walk in Monte Carlo to see the achievements from other entrepreneurs so you can say to yourself, nobody said it will be easy. This motivation if you channel it right, can give you such a push forward so you can reach new heights.

Monaco is for me also a place where you see constant change with street works or new buildings. It shows that even Monaco is working on it to become better as it was. If that is not motivating, then you must be a person without any goals.

Monaco is the wrong place for people that want to work from 8-6 and don’t have any ambitions in life. Monaco is for people with a Vision so big, that most of the guys on the planet can’t follow you while you talking about it. I am very grateful being here.

What are the things that are important to you ? And for what we all should pay more attention to in your opinion ?

By far the most important thing to me is, to become a better person. Please don’t take this as a simple expression because it sounds good. I am very serious about it.

Look, if you want to change anything on this planet, you need first to change yourself. The biggest mistake nowadays is to think, what can I change as a single person or as a nobody compared to. Well, if Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein or Robert Burns would think the same way, they would be just as any other on the planet.

Every one of us makes a difference, but you can’t make a difference if you are who you are. What I mean by that is simple. Nobody of us is born to what the Universe would call, perfection. So you need to work on yourself. If that is clear and if we can agree on this, then it can not be that nowadays where we speak and discuss ethics all over the place, hold animals and slaughter them because someone needs another Cheeseburger today.

It can not be right going into a Supermarket and have a Tennis field length of different meat options and on the other hand we talk ethics.

Don’t think I am that kind of disillusioned that I think, we all can or will live as vegetarians even when I do. But let’s put it this way. If everyone that eats meat eats it only once or twice a week, we would change the complete industry right away.

Now we have a situation where it must be cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and this causes the slaughter houses to treat the animals in a way that is a shame for our society ! In times when was no internet, we all did not know how this meat comes on our table, but now that we see this disgusting video show all of this happens, no men in the world can explain to me that eating the meat is the same as it was.

The animals suffer pain and fear which is in their body cells, and we eat this together with their experience. This is a scientific fact. What people do also not understand, what you eat becomes you. Some food goes out through our channel but the what stays become You. So imagine a Pig or Cow that is standing in a Slaughter house and hearing the screaming of the others and feeling the incredible bad energy. It is in death fear for hours or maybe days, which is manifested in their cells. This is the meat you eat and give your children. Convincing yourself that they don’t know what happens there is the same as if you would say, if you jump down a sky scraper you don’t feel anything once you hit the ground. Well this may be true but, all the way down, what you think what fear and there fore chemistry your body will have? Think about it.

Eating less meat is still nonsense to me, because doing something less bad doesn’t make it better. It would be the same if you say, well I hit my kid only 2 times a week instead of 5 times a week. Does this make you a better parent ?

We have so many other possibilities of food to eat that we really do not need to behave in such a barbaric way.

Dog is a Wonder of Universe - Monaco Sport and Dogs

Another point for me which is more or less a better living point in Monaco would be, that all guys that have dogs, take the business with them in plastic bags once the dog is done. Monaco have nearly all 50-200 meters a stand where you get plastic bags FOR FREE to take away what your dog lets behind. Not doing this is Anti-Social to me and a poor mental state of mind. I even would suggest that the authorities in Monaco make a 1.000 Euro fee for all those get caught not doing it. Because what excuse you can have not to clean after your dog is done when everywhere are bags available, and they are for free? Over 10.000 dogs live in Monaco, and obviously it is the cleanest city in the whole world but I think this should be something that we as dog owners living here can do better, clean always after our dogs that be good example to others keeping clean the everyday environment we live.

My last point is the plastic situation. It is easy to blame the industry for all the plastic trash in the Sea, but I think that this is wrong. Look, when the plastic revolution was invented, all were happy. Where did our problems start? Because everything is made out of plastic? Absolutely not. The truth is, that all plastic trash was sold to China, and they paid good money for it so a huge industry started. Since China said Stop we don’t buy your plastic trash anymore, our problems started.

To me it is the duty of the Western Governments to find a way no being so dependent on China. You can’t simply push all our problems to China and say, do it we pay for it. Nowadays it start to become a typical behaviour to push all problems away from us by using others. We Europeans were the inventors of so many technologies that all take now for granted, and now nothing. We wait on the Americans to protect us, while having a very strong army from France, UK and other countries. Paying other states to close the borders and keep them close. What is this? This can never be in our interest. We have to take responsibility for our way of life and invent solutions not simply pushing our trash under the table of others.

China is a very good example. For the last 2000 years they were the leading country in the world, except the last 300 years, right? Now in this 300 years we achieved more in Europe than any other place in the world. Why do we give this now away in Chinas hands? Because of cheap labour? This will sooner or later break our necks and I will fight against this with an AI and Robotic Institute as mentioned before.

Over all I have to say, we live in a very nice world that of course have its problems but it is up to us, to make a change.

And finally we want to ask from you as the dog owner: Do your dogs make you happier ?

Yes of course as I already said it before : When you are with your dogs, and you open your heart, and commit yourself as a family member having them, your life changes 100% . That’s for sure !

Thank you Mario for you time !


Sport and Dogs agree with many things that Mario said. Some things in life are very simple.

When you want to change the World and do something good, start from Yourself. Start from your Dog !

Love your Dog, be kind to others, help elders, give love around and it will all make the World a better place.

Sports Makes Us Fit & Life is Better with Dogs!

And of course Pure Thoughts in Pure Air and Pure Nature !

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