• Freddy Wong posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hungry Beagles

    Hungry Beagles is a fun and very addictive Brain and Puzzle game. The main objective in this game is to help the beagle (and sometimes a friend) get to the dog house. In order to get the beagle to the dog house you must move the tiles around the app reviews board; moving the beagle as you go. Many times the tiles are grouped together and they must be moved together which can make it difficult.

    During the game play you have different goals to achieve and items to collect. Aside from simply getting the beagle to the dog house; there are hidden hams that you can collect which will unlock bonus levels which are referred to as challenge mode. There are also bones within the levels to collect. Another Item you can collect is paws. The paws can only be earned by completing the board within a minimum amount of moves. I also got word from the developer they’re adding even more collectables and achievements in a coming update.

    Overall this game is fantastic and if you like brain and puzzle games, I’m sure you’ll like this game. Head over to the Play store and get it now!

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