Monaco “Horses & Dogs” Meet in Lisbon Portugal

Two startup founders from Monaco met in Lisbon Portugal at the Web Summit 2018. Monaco is a very small society where everyone knows everyone, but even though we still do not know what others are involved with. So it was a very nice surprise when we found out that Monika Laneman and Polina Zhuravleva with their startups are present in Web summit 2018. And it made all even more fun that Monika was there with “dogs” and Polina with “horses”! Polina Zhuravleva is a founder of a new interesting startup for horse people: “Discover amazing horse riding locations on Cote d’Azur” connecting equestrian stables, trainers, producers of equine equipment and feedstuff, professional riders and horse fans in order for them to have a stronger network and a possibility to boost their business. The Horse Riding web page can be found from Monika Laneman is presented with interesting and very useful startup for pet owners, more specifically for dog and cat people: “Connecting Pet Owners with Service and Product Providers and Global PetID Digital Identification System.” The PetID Portal can be found from We keep updating and more stuff coming!   Keep your eye on PetWorld Global News  

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