MY WIENER DOG BIT SOMEONE’S WEENIE | Cesar Solves the Case | Limited Series

Rescuing a dog is one of most unselfish and fulfilling things a pet parent can do. Giving pets their forever home by rescuing a dog doesn’t just come with its love, but also it could come with its past. However, there is a difference between stories and realities. Dogs live in the moment and don’t dwell on their past. Cesar shows how Pet Parents can sometimes hold onto their past that affects their own future. In this episode of "Cesar Solves The Case", Kendall Long joins us at Cesar Millan’s ranch as she is having trouble with her rescue saved from a kill shelter in Korea, Pistachio. We applaud Kendall for her choice and thank Bunnies & Buddies for having a mission to help save dogs from kill shelters. Kendall's issue is that to her Pistachio doesn’t like people too much. Every pet parent has experienced something like this and could lead to a feeling that their dog is aggressive. Pistachio barks at Kendall’s friends, guests, and has even bit someone’s ******. Talk about trust issues, right? Pistachio's issues according to her continue into how her dog gets aggressive when greeting people and leads to nipping. Cesar, throughout this episode, helps Kendall understand how Pistachio can start to trust other people and not feel he has to protect her. A key lesson is that pet parents need to remember to keep giving direction, so your dog knows that you know how to protect. Dogs detect energy. Always remember that. Dog's don't investigate your past, but they are going to assess and evaluate at that moment. They teach us that it's not always about the past, so we must learn to let go. Watch and Find out if Cesar Can Solve the case! Here are timestamps of what you can find in this episode: 00:44 – Meet Kendall & Pistachio! 01:50 – How To Enter A Dog Park 04:32 – Pistachio tries to leave the Dog Park and Cesar guides Kendall to take the leadership position. 07:34 – Kendall tells the story where Pistachio had a very interesting bite. 08:45 – How Pet Parents' Energy can affect their pets. 09:38 – The difference between Discipline and Punishment for dogs. 10:33 – Where Pistachio and Kendall met in their lives / Importance of Moving on. 11:28 – Importance of Trust / Independence / Stories 13:00 – Pistachio meets Rio, our Macaw. 14:35 – Cesar teaches Kendall how her friends could meet Pistachio the right way. 15:34 – How a Lack of Confidence can affect your pets. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: FOLLOW CESAR & THE PACK: Instagram: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Twitter: DIRECTED BY: PETER JACOB THANKS TO KENDALL & PISTASCHIO Learn more about dog training, care, and shop for exclusive products at Better Humans, Better Planet Trust, Respect, Love Source

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