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How Online Advertising Helps Connecting with People

Promote Your Pet Store, Pet Products or Pet Food

Do you have a pet store or pet business you want to have online marketing? Maybe an online pet store you want to increase exposure and get more quality traffic through online advertising? Or are you interested to raise brand awareness and maximize profits?

Do you have a pet business or services that help pet owners or dog owners? Do you want to make online marketing and sell more pet products like pet food or services like dog walking, dog grooming or dog training?

Or maybe dog breeding is your hobby and you simply want to have online marketing and advertise your good potential pedigree puppies for sale? Or get access to international lines for dog breeding?

In every case the online marketing and online advertising is a must have for every business today.  

Online Advertising in Facebook and Google

Online marketing, online advertising and promoting your business online ten years ago was a simple process. You just bought a banner space on a web page and that was it. But over time people started ignoring and browsers went smart and started blocking internet banner ads.

For a while, it seemed that becoming first on Google search engine was the most reasonable way of online advertising and everyone started buying Google Adwords clicks. Reasonably priced pay per click was quite effective way of online marketing, at first, but the number of ads finally competing on the same search results were too high and didn’t work well anymore.

At some point, there were so many paid ads on Google search page that only the first 3 positions were noticed. Advertisers could still not reach their target audience and needed to pay much more for a simple click to be on the top of the list.

When Facebook started promoting it’s advertising opportunities, it started off as working quite well online marketing strategy and the cost was reasonable too. Over time the prices went up, but ironically the outcome declined.

The minimum budget today to get positive results from Facebook advertising is 5000 USD. How can small businesses compete with large companies in this case in online marketing?

Google and Facebook both declared that their mission is to make peoples lives easier, which at the beginning was a success, but in the end, they were only charging more and more and the benefits from their services were declining.

98% of digital online marketing and online advertising is done in Google and Facebook. How many of you click on Google and Facebook advertisements today? How many of you buy anything after clicking these ads?

And finally, how do you think you can stand out in the competition in a place where 98% of the world is advertising?

Pet Store Pet Food Pet Products Online Marketing Online Advertising

Online Advertising for Pet Business

On the other hand, how often do you go to a specific pet store to buy pet food for your dog or supermarket for your own goods? Now, this is a totally different story, right?

You don’t want to buy from the streets Luis Vuitton bag or Rolex watch. Right?

When you want to buy something specific you go to the place where it is sold! When you want to buy dog products you go to the dog store. When you want to have your dog trained you go to the dog trainer. When you want to find a dog walker you want to have a qualified and trustworthy dog walker.

The same goes for online marketing and online advertising. You need to ask from yourself: Who is the target group whom I want to make online advertising? Because You want to make online advertising on the place where your target group is present! When your target group is pet owners and dog lovers then you want to advertise on a site like


Selling Pet Products Online

When you sell pet products, pet food or own a pet store you want to advertise on pet sites to the pet owners. When you have an online pet store you want to be listed on the online pet stores for the pet owners and get positive reviews.

I still have problems finding a good online pet store to buy stuff for my dogs. Nowadays, the only thing you find is Amazon. I want to find the real dog specific online pet stores to buy my dog stuff, not Amazon. I want to find high-quality information from the professionals not just paid search results from Google. Or at least I want to know these guys are dedicated to providing some level of quality.

I wish I would know all the best online pet stores to make my own selection which one to choose, not to be forced go to Amazon to search for low quality products from highest paying providers.

There are trustworthy places like where people go to search for pet-related stuff. Place where you can find good quality information and people words backed products and services. Place where you know information can be trusted.

You can post a question and get get help from experienced people with the same interests as you, in case you don’t find what you are looking for.

Online Marketing in Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest are today the big players in online marketing market. Which take almost full advertising market. The cost of advertising is high but the quality of outcome is low.

In Google you get on first page paying highly for optimizing your web page technical work or for SEO services. The highest payers get the highest ranking. The result is that it is very difficult to find anything reasonable and high quality pet products on Google search anymore. All you get after searching of pet products or pet food, is junk and paid results. Basically low-quality content generated by robots and paid web pages which have nothing to do with the pet products I want to buy. Not even mentioning the quality.

It’s the same with Facebook and Instagram. You don’t see your friends posts you are interested of but low quality content from so called influencers. Instagram is full of self made influencers. When you ask for an advice about your dog in Facebook groups you get low quality answers from people who are not experienced. Facebook groups are meant for simple group chat not getting for quality advice. And the groups activity is usually based on fights, the more fight you have in the group the more active your group is. Post something about your dog which someone does not like and there you have another fight going on. The result is people are leaving Facebook one by one.

The Facebook groups don’t work the same way as they used to. Your own personal Facebook posts get only a minimum response compared to the beginning times. The same thing is happening with Amazon sales. Amazon prefers those who pay a higher fee, store products in Amazon warehouse and pay for advertising.

Facebook is rewriting it’s logic all the time and pages which worked few years ago don’t even add followers anymore. Advertising in Facebook has now been getting too complicated and the algorithm doesn’t help the normal people, only those with the highest bidder and the ads basically no longer work as they used to.

Truth is that who pays most gets the highest position. The real information and advice which is from the small business sector or private specialists cannot compete with these amounts of marketing money what the big corporations can spend.

Online Marketing Online Advertising Pet Store Pet Food Pet Products

People go to Pet Stores to buy Pet Food

In real life people still go to pet stores to buy pet food for their dogs or cats. They just don’t scroll in Facebook and say, “Hey, I am going to buy this nice package of pet food advertised in Facebook!”

Things just don’t work that way!

That is how small and medium-sized businesses can stand out in this online marketing competition!

But how can new online pet stores let people know they exist? Through online marketing.

Or when you are breeding high quality pedigree dogs and want to have international coverage?

Then you just come to the which is dedicated for pet owners and advertise here!

That is why has been built!

The pet online advertising system is based on experience and helps you to stand out in the crowded online marketplace!


Best Place for Online Marketing and Online Advertising

How Can Help You? is built specifically for pet people – dog owners, cat owners, animal lovers, pet business owners, name it… As of September 2019 has readers from 176 countries all around the World and from 4543 different cities around the Globe! It is a relatively new online marketing site so the growth is remarkable. But is specifically targeted for pet owners and the advertisements have helped already many pet people to sell their dogs, pet products and services. You are welcome to join and advertise starting from 29.90 only and you can get started here   Online Marketing Online Advertising Pet Store Pet Food Pet Products can help you to:

Connect With Pet People

In order to connect with pet people, it’s essential to build relationships and trust. Communication is the foundation of any relationship. With help you will reach more pet owners, build reputation and awareness and show pet owners that you can be trusted.


Get Quality Traffic

Increasing your exposure with the help of is a great way to get more quality traffic. By quality, we mean visitors who stay on your website longer than just a second and come there to buy what you sell. Getting the right target group on your page will result in a much lower bounce rate and more real sales. Getting more traffic and the right target group means it is easier for you to achieve your goals.


Achieve Your Goals

In order to bring potential customers into your sales process, you need them to know you, trust you, like you and know what you offer. helps you to build your brand and more people will visit your site because they are interested in what you have to offer. The more visitors the more sales.


Stand Out In A Crowded Online Marketplace will help you to:

  • get more visitors with a lower bounce rate
  • make more people interested about what you offer
  • make your website more popular and create interest
  • achieve your goals to maximize profits

Advertising in

There are three ways to advertise in

Online Marketing Online Advertising Pet Store Pet Food Pet Products  

The first package is meant for businesses – online pet store to sell pet food, pet products or pet business to sell pet services.

Promoting your Pet Business

With Promoting your Pet Business package you can have online catalogue listing linked to your pet store or pet products. Have your pet products or pet food introduction and publish articles every month within 12 months subscription. Each article will be featured for 30 days and they don’t have an expiration date, which means they will always stay published on

  • Linked to Your Page
  • Product Introduction
  • Online Catalogue Listing
  • Featured Article for 30 days
  • Article Never Expires
You can find more information from there

The second package is for small business or when you want to promote your name or event with one guest post.

Guest Post and Article Publish

With Guest Post package you can publish one article that will be featured for 30 days. The article doesn’t have an expiration date, which means it will always stay published on

  • 1 Guest Post
  • Featured for 30 days
  • Never Expires
You can find more information from there

The third one is the cheapest, low cost 30 days advertising and meant mostly for the private individuals. Suitable for example for breeders. Responsible breeders, who want to have online advertising for pedigree puppies internationally.


With Advertising package, you can create a quick and simple ad that will be published for 30 days in

  • 1 Advertisement
  • Published for 30 days
You can find more information from there

This was a small overview of how can help you with online advertising.

When you want to get a competitive advantage and be more successful than other businesses in your field. Want online marketing or online advertising for your pet store, pet products like pet food. Or you just want to advertise your responsible bred high level potential puppies or dog, be ahead of others and start online advertising with us in today!


Get started with following simple step.

Just choose a package you think is most suitable for what you want to achieve and fill in the form to get published and featured.

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